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The Dronacharya Award, officially known as Dronacharya Award for Outstanding Coaches in Sports and Games,[1] is sports coaching honour of the Republic of India. The award is named after Drona, often referred as "Dronacharya" or "Guru Drona", a character from the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata of ancient India.[2] He was master of advanced military warfare and was appointed as the royal preceptor to the Kaurava and the Pandava princes for their training in military arts and astras (Divine weapons).[3] It is awarded annually by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Recipients are selected by a committee constituted by the Ministry and are honoured to have done "outstanding and meritorious work on a consistent basis and enabled sportspersons to excel in international events" over a period of four years. Two awards are designated for the lifetime contribution in coaching where the achievements in producing "outstanding sportspersons" over a period of 20 years or more are considered. As of 2017, the award comprises a bronze statuette of Dronacharya, a certificate, ceremonial dress, and a cash prize of 5 lakh (US$7,800).[1]

Dronacharya award
Dronacharya Award.jpg
Awarded by Government of India
Type Civilian
Category Sports Coaching (Individual)
Description Sports coaching honour in India
Instituted 1985
First awarded 1985
Last awarded 2017
Total awarded 104
Cash award 5 lakh (US$7,800)
First awardee(s)
Recent awardee(s)
  • R. Gandhi
  • Heera Nand Kataria
  • G. S. S. V. Prasad
  • Brij Bhushan Mohanty
  • P. A. Raphel
  • Sanjoy Chakraverthy
  • Roshan Lal
A coloured painting of Dronacharya and Duryodhana on the battlefield
Dronacharya (left) with Duryodhana (right) showing his army during Kurukshetra War.

Instituted in 1985,[4] the award is given only to the disciplines included in the events like Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championship and World Cup along with Cricket, Indigenous Games, and Parasports.[1] The nominations for a given year are accepted till 30 April or last working day of April. A ten-member committee evaluates the nominations and later submits their recommendations to the Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports for further approval.[1]

The first recipients of the award were Bhalachandra Bhaskar Bhagwat (Wrestling), Om Prakash Bhardwaj (Boxing), and O. M. Nambiar (Athletics), who were honoured in 1985.[5] Usually conferred upon not more than five coaches in a year, a few exceptions have been made (2012 and 2016-17) when more recipients were awarded in a year. The most recent recipients of the award are R. Gandhi (Athletics), Heera Nand Kataria (Kabaddi) along with G. S. S. V. Prasad (Badminton), Brij Bhushan Mohanty (Boxing), P. A. Raphel (Hockey), Sanjoy Chakraverthy (Shooting), and Roshan Lal (Wrestling) who were honoured for their lifetime contribution.[6]



The nominations for the award are received from all government recognised National Sports Federations, the Indian Olympic Association, the Sports Authority of India, the Sports Promotion and Control Boards, and the state and the union territory governments with not more than two eligible coaches nominated for each sports discipline. In case of cricket, the nominations are received from the Board of Control for Cricket in India as there is no National Sports Federation recognised by the Government. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) is authorised to submit the nominations on behalf of all the de-recognised or under suspension National Sports Federations. The previous award recipients of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award, Dronacharya Award, and Dhyan Chand Award can also nominate one coach for the discipline for which they themselves were awarded. The Government can nominate up to two coaches in deserving cases where no such nominations have been received from the nominating authorities. The nominations for a given year are accepted till 30 April or last working day of April.[1]

Selection processEdit

All the received nominations are sent to SAI and concerned National Sports Federations for verification against the claimed achievements. The National Anti-Doping Agency is responsible for providing the doping clearance. Any coach associated with a sportsperson who is either penalised or being investigated for use of drugs or substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency is not eligible for the award along with the previous award recipients of Dhyan Chand Award. A committee consisting of the Joint Secretary and the Director/Deputy Secretary of Department of Sports, the Secretary and the Executive Director/Director (TEAMS) of SAI verify and validate the nominations.[1]

The valid nominations are considered by a selection committee constituted by the Government. This ten member committee consists of a Chairperson nominated by the Ministry, two members who are either Olympians or previous recipients of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna or the Arjuna Award, three previous recipients of the Dronacharya Award of different sports disciplines, two sports journalists/experts/commentators, one sports administrator, the Director General of SAI, and the Joint Secretary of Department of Sports, with not more than one sportsperson from any particular discipline being included in the committee.[1] The medals won in various International championships and events in disciplines included in Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games, Asian Games, and Commonwealth Games are given 80% weightage. The remaining 20% weightage is given to the profile and standard of the events where their trainees have won the medals. For any other games not included in Olympic, Asian Games, and Commonwealth Games like cricket and indigenous games, individual performances are taken into consideration. Coach with maximum points is given 80 marks, while the remaining coaches are given marks in proportion to the maximum points. For team events, marks are given per the strength of the team.[1] Following are the points defined for medals at the given events:

Points given to coach for winning medals by their trainee during the last four years
Event Medal
  Gold   Silver   Bronze
Olympic Games/Paralympic Games 80 70 55
World Championship/World Cup[a] 40 30 20
Asian Games 30 25 20
Commonwealth Games 25 20 15

For a given discipline, not more than two coaches, one male and one female, are given highest marks. The committee may not recommend the award to the coach with the highest marks across disciplines but can only recommend the recipient of the highest aggregate marks in a particular sports discipline. The recommendations of the selection committee are submitted to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for further approval.[1]

List of recipientsEdit

# Indicates lifetime contribution   Indicates Para sports
List of award recipients, showing the year and discipline(s)
Year Recipient(s) Discipline(s) Refs.
1985 Bhagwat, Bhalachandra BhaskarBhalachandra Bhaskar Bhagwat Wrestling [5]
1985 Bhardwaj, Om PrakashOm Prakash Bhardwaj Boxing [5]
1985 Nambiar, O. M.O. M. Nambiar Athletics [5]
1986 Azad, Desh PremDesh Prem Azad Cricket [5]
1986 Gokhle, Raghunandan VasantRaghunandan Vasant Gokhle Chess [5]
1987 Hanuman, GuruGuru Hanuman Wrestling [5]
1987 Singh, GurcharanGurcharan Singh Cricket [5]
1988 No award [5]
1989 No award [5]
1990 Achrekar, RamakantRamakant Achrekar Cricket [5]
1990 Naeemuddin, SyedSyed Naeemuddin Football [5]
1990 Rao, A. RamanaA. Ramana Rao Volleyball [5]
1991 No award [5]
1992 No award [5]
1993 No award [5]
1994 Babar, IlyasIlyas Babar Athletics [5]
1995 Rao, Shyam SunderShyam Sunder Rao Volleyball [5]
1995 Singh, KaranKaran Singh Athletics [5]
1996 Jones, WilsonWilson Jones Billiards & Snooker [5]
1996 Sandhu, Pal SinghPal Singh Sandhu Weightlifting [5]
1997 Saini, Joginder SinghJoginder Singh Saini Athletics [5]
1998 Sandhu, G. S.G. S. Sandhu Boxing [7]
1998 Sandhu, Hargobind SinghHargobind Singh Sandhu Athletics [7]
1998 Chouhan, Bahadur SinghBahadur Singh Chouhan Athletics [7]
1999 Bosen, Kenneth OwenKenneth Owen Bosen Athletics [8]
1999 Singh, HawaHawa Singh Boxing [8]
1999 Sirohi, Ajay KumarAjay Kumar Sirohi Weightlifting [8]
2000 Arif, S. M.S. M. Arif Badminton [9]
2000 Bhangu, Gudial SinghGudial Singh Bhangu Hockey [9]
2000 Dhawan, BhupenderBhupender Dhawan Powerlifting [9]
2000 Phadke, Gopal PurushottamGopal Purushottam Phadke Kho kho [9]
2000 Sharma, HansaHansa Sharma Weightlifting [9]
2001 Ferreira, MichaelMichael Ferreira Billiards & Snooker [10]
2001 Thomas, SunnySunny Thomas Shooting [10]
2002 Kaushik, Maharaj KrishanMaharaj Krishan Kaushik Hockey [11]
2002 Kohli, RenuRenu Kohli Athletics [11]
2002 Motivala, HomiHomi Motivala Yachting [11]
2002 Rao, E. PrasadE. Prasad Rao Kabaddi [11]
2002 Singh, JaswantJaswant Singh Athletics [11]
2003 Cheema, Sukhchain SinghSukhchain Singh Cheema Wrestling [12]
2003 George, Robert BobbyRobert Bobby George Athletics [12]
2003 Kumar, AnoopAnoop Kumar Boxing [12]
2003 Singh Jr., RajinderRajinder Singh Jr. Hockey [12]
2004 Poncha, CyrusCyrus Poncha Squash [13]
2004 Savur, ArvindArvind Savur Billiards & Snooker [13]
2004 Sharma, SunitaSunita Sharma Cricket [13]
2005 Baig, IsmailIsmail Baig Rowing [14]
2005 Rao, Maha SinghMaha Singh Rao Wrestling [14]
2005 Singh, BalwanBalwan Singh Kabaddi [14]
2005 Venu, M.M. Venu Boxing [14]
2006 Ashok, KoneruKoneru Ashok Chess [15]
2006 Chandralal, DamodaranDamodaran Chandralal Boxing [15]
2006 Singh, R. D.R. D. Singh Athletics [15]
2007 Singh, JagdishJagdish Singh Boxing [16]
2007 Singh, JagminderJagminder Singh Wrestling [16]
2007 Singh, Sanjeeva KumarSanjeeva Kumar Singh Archery [16]
2007 Sridharan, G. E.G. E. Sridharan Volleyball [16]
2008 No award [5]
2009 Bisht, JaydevJaydev Bisht Boxing [17]
2009 Gopichand, PullelaPullela Gopichand Badminton [17]
2009 Singh, S. BaldevS. Baldev Singh Hockey [17]
2009 Singh, SatpalSatpal Singh Wrestling [17]
2010 Agarwal, SubhashSubhash Agarwal Billiards & Snooker [18]
2010 Bansal, Ajay KumarAjay Kumar Bansal Hockey [18]
2010 Chandrup, CaptainCaptain Chandrup Wrestling [18]
2010 Kutty, A. K.A. K. Kutty Athletics [18]
2010 Singh, L IbomchaL Ibomcha Singh Boxing [18]
2011 Rathore, Devender KumarDevender Kumar Rathore Gymnastics [19]
2011 Roy, Kuntal KumarKuntal Kumar Roy Athletics# [19]
2011 Ramphal, Ramphal Wrestling [19]
2011 Roy, Inukurthi VenkateshwaraInukurthi Venkateshwara Roy Boxing [19]
2011 Singh Jr., RajinderRajinder Singh Jr. Hockey# [19]
2012 Bhatia, Jasvinder SinghJasvinder Singh Bhatia Athletics# [20]
2012 Dabas, SunilSunil Dabas Kabaddi [20]
2012 Fernandez, B. I.B. I. Fernandez Boxing [20]
2012 Mukherjee, BhawaniBhawani Mukherjee Table Tennis# [20]
2012 Poonia, VirenderVirender Poonia Athletics [20]
2012 Singh, SatyapalSatyapal Singh Athletics  [20]
2012 Singh, HarendraHarendra Singh Hockey [20]
2012 Singh, YashvirYashvir Singh Wrestling [20]
2013 Mahato, PurnimaPurnima Mahato Archery [21]
2013 Saini, Narender SinghNarender Singh Saini Hockey [21]
2013 Singh, MahavirMahavir Singh Boxing [21]
2013 Singh, RajRaj Singh Wrestling# [21]
2013 Thomas, K. P.K. P. Thomas Athletics# [21]
2014 Gogi, GurcharanGurcharan Gogi Judo# [22]
2014 Jacob, JoseJose Jacob Rowing# [22]
2014 Lingappa, N.N. Lingappa Athletics# [22]
2014 Manoharan, GanapathyGanapathy Manoharan Boxing# [22]
2014 Prasad, MahabirMahabir Prasad Wrestling [22]
2015 Ameen, NiharNihar Ameen Swimming# [23]
2015 Singh, AnoopAnoop Singh Wrestling [23]
2015 Singh, HarbansHarbans Singh Athletics# [23]
2015 Singh, NavalNaval Singh Athletics  [23]
2015 Singh, Swatantar RajSwatantar Raj Singh Boxing# [23]
2016 Dhayal, Sagar MalSagar Mal Dhayal Boxing [24]
2016 Kumar, S. PradeepS. Pradeep Kumar Swimming# [24]
2016 Nandi, BishweshwarBishweshwar Nandi Gymnastics [24]
2016 Phogat, Mahavir SinghMahavir Singh Phogat Wrestling# [24]
2016 Ramesh, NagapuriNagapuri Ramesh Athletics [24]
2016 Sharma, RajkumarRajkumar Sharma Cricket [24]
2017 Gandhi, R.R. Gandhi Athletics [6]
2017 Kataria, Heera NandHeera Nand Kataria Kabaddi [6]
2017 Prasad, G. S. S. V.G. S. S. V. Prasad Badminton# [6]
2017 Mohanty, Brij BhushanBrij Bhushan Mohanty Boxing# [6]
2017 Raphel, P. A.P. A. Raphel Hockey# [6]
2017 Chakraverthy, SanjoySanjoy Chakraverthy Shooting# [6]
2017 Lal, RoshanRoshan Lal Wrestling# [6]


Some of the recipients have been accused of falsely claiming the achievements of the medalist under their names. Satpal Singh (2009), Ramphal (2011), and Yashvir Singh (2012) had mentioned two times Olympic medal winning wrestler Sushil Kumar (2008 and 2012) as their trainee.[25] The award for year 2012 was bestowed upon para sports athletics coach Satyapal Singh. However, 2010 Arjuna Award winning para athlete Jagseer Singh accused Satyapal Singh for falsely mentioning him as their trainee for the award. Jagseer Singh mentioned that 2006 Dronacharya Award winner R. D. Singh was appointed as the main coach and Satyapal Singh was an assisting coach. Jagseer was informed about such claim via Right to Information Act, 2005 which had him mentioned as the primary trainee by Satyapal Singh.[26] 2013 award winner Raj Singh also claimed Sushil Kumar and 2012 Summer Olympics medal winning wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt as their trainee.[27] Following an announcement, in August 2015, a Public-Interest Litigation was filed in the Delhi High Court by Vinod Kumar. The petitioner, former chief wrestling coach, mentioned that he was the chief national coach of men's freestyle wrestling team from November 2010 to April 2015 and claimed that he had more points (420) than the recipient Anoop Singh Dahiya (375). The court directed the Ministry to confer the award on Kumar and provided one week to the Ministry to challenge the decision. However, the Ministry did not change their decision as the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) had sacked Kumar in May 2015.[28]

Explanatory notesEdit

  1. ^ A World Championship/World Cup is generally organised every four years. For different cyclicities, proportionate marks are given.


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