Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava? is an Indian social drama television series.[1] Produced by UTV Software Communications and Trishula Productions it aired on Life OK from 18 December 2011 to 18 January 2013.[2] It starred Sriti Jha, Harshad Chopda and Karanvir Bohra.[3] From 15 March 2021 the Serial is Re-aired on Star Bharat at 7:30 pm.It is again to be re-telecast on shemaroo tv on 11 oct at 10:30 pm

Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?.jpg
Also known asJahnvi Ki Kahani
Written byAnshuman Sinha
Bijesh Jayarajan
Anil Nagpal
Directed bySantosh Kohle
Prasad Govandi
Ismail umar khan
StarringHarshad Chopda
Sriti Jha
Karanvir Bohra
Theme music composerRajiv Bhatt
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes326
Executive producersVishal Vivek
Taruni Mathur
ProducersVikas Seth
Mahesh Pandey
Production locationsManali
CinematographyAshok Salian
Raju Gulai
EditorSachin Shinde
Running timeapproximately 22 minutes
Production companiesUTV Software Communications
Trishula Productions
Original networkLife OK
Picture format
Original release18 December 2011 (2011-12-18) –
18 January 2013 (2013-01-18)


Viraj is a wealthy and powerful business tycoon who falls in love with Jahnvi and marries her. She discovers that he is over-possessive and abusive when she faces domestic abuse. Viraj, who had an abusive childhood, is irrationally dominating while being sweet, polite and nice.Viraj sees Jahnvi with Sanjay when his car was not started. Sanjay drops Jahnvi to his home. Meanwhile, Viraj sees Sanjay holding her hand. Janvi decorates the house with candles and flowers. She makes a cake for Viraj. She becomes pregnant with Viraj's baby. Viraj is not happy to see Jhanvi's grandmother at home.He tries a lot to let her mother out of the house but at the same time jhanvi and dadi come. Viraj's Plan got backfired to Dadi.Dadi arrives at Payal's doctor(Komolika Rana) and she knows everything about Viraj and his bad bad behavior. later, Viraj organised a marriage for Sia in a hotel. Manager of the hotel take Dadi to Viraj. when Jhanvi was finding Viraj then he ask Dadi to give file back. When He Do Not Get File From Dadi. He Through pot she Falls Down From Terrace When She Knows about Viraj That My Father Suffers Because Of Him And

plan to arrest Sanjay at The party. Viraj tries to beat Jhanvi but she lost her Child "Krishna " and she imagines as he is in the cradle.she does not face problems and she suffers from miscarriage because of Viraj's abuse.

Viraj comes to know that Sanjay has been released from jail. Sanjay tries to tell Jahnvi about Viraj but she refuses to believe him. Viraj sees the two of them on the CCTV of his house. So, a tensioned Viraj takes Jahnvi to a room and shows his family picture to her who had died in his childhood. He reveals everything about his past and asks her not to ever leave him. Out of frustration, he tries to hit Jhanvi, but she does not react due to her promise.

Unable to bear Viraj's torture, Jahnvi attempts to commit suicide. Later, Geeta encourages Jahnvi to live and face her problems. Dr Komolika suspects Viraj for Dadi's illness and Sanjay's arrest. Viraj mistreats his mother. He then forcibly takes Jahnvi in his car and drops her at her parents' house. Jahnvi breaks down, on seeing her family members' dead bodies and her burned house. Jahnvi laments on seeing the dead bodies of her family members. Viraj tells that he doesn't care and continues to torture her. He burns Jahnvi's house. She loses her all senses and collapses. Desperate to escape, Jahnvi fakes her own death, changes her identity to Sia and flees to Gurgaon. Sia meets Raghav in Gurgaon who falls in love with her. She becomes a governess to his nephew, Krish, and comes to be loved by his family.

Viraj tracks her down and creates misunderstandings with Raghav's family. Sia finally stands up to him and realising her love for Raghav, divorces Viraj who is sent to a mental asylum.

One year laterEdit

Raghav's brother Dev and his wife Komal are killed. Raghav learns that the killer is their family friend ACP Saxena who moonlights as a criminal named Rana. When Viraj discovered Rana's truth, Rana used electroshock therapy to reduce Viraj's mental ability to that of a seven-year-old child. Raghav manages to get Rana arrested and saves Viraj from near death. He helps Viraj regain his memory after which Viraj tries to win Sia back but Raghav decides to return him to prison.

On their way, they are attacked by goons who kill Raghav. Raghav dies with Sia's name on his lips and Viraj is blamed for the murder. He tries to convince Sia but also wants her back in his life. He poisons her and tells her that he will administer the antidote only when she tells him she loves him. Sia refuses and dies telling Viraj that she only loved Raghav and that her heart will live on to ensure Viraj has to pay for his misdeeds.

After Sia's deathEdit

Sia's heart is donated to a TV journalist named Ananya. Aware of Sia and Viraj's story, Ananya digs deeper and discovers Viraj killed Sia. She tries to expose him but fails. Viraj finds out about the operation and is angered that anything was stolen from Sia and tries to get her heart back.

Ananya discovers Viraj has been hiding Sia's dead body and finds it and takes it to be cremated. Viraj tries to stop her but she curses him and he suddenly realises how wrong he has been. Emotionally destroyed, he surrenders himself to the police and is sentenced to 14 years in prison. The story ends with Ananya's heart finally forgiving Viraj who is shown to be repenting his actions and living in prison with Sia's memories.




  • Mala Salariya as Ananya Ghosh, a journalist who receives Jahnvi's heart
  • Vinay Rohrra as Rajender "Raj" Khanna, Ananya's friend[5]
  • Mouli Dutta as Paromita Ghosh
  • Jaya Ojha as Uma Sharma
  • Akanksha Juneja as Tanisha
  • Sudha Chandran as Ms. Vyas[6]
  • Neha Mehta as Dr. Komal Singh, Raghav's brother's wife [7]
  • Yash Ghanekar as Krish Singh, Dev and Komal's son and Raghav's nephew
  • Kiran Bhargava as Sudha, Jahnvi's grandmother
  • Sumukhi Pendsey as Gayatri Singh
  • Sulagna Chatterjee as Sia Sharma
  • Natasha Rana as Geeta, Viraj's mother
  • Ram Mehar Jangra as Unniyal, Viraj's employee[8]
  • Zubin Dutt as Sanjay Sinha[9]
  • Urvashi Dholakia as Dr. Komolika Rana who helps Jahnvi get her new identity[10]
  • Fenil Umrigar as Priya Malhotra who wants to marry Viraj[11]
  • Vaquar Shaikh as Shekhawat
  • Sagar Naik as Dr. Bhandari


The show focussed on struggle of a woman to save herself from her obsessive, abusive husband. The Times of India stated that Bohra's and Sriti's performance brought higher TRPs to the show.[12]


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