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DiGiCo is a British company, founded in 2002, that manufactures digital mixing consoles targeted for live audio mixing applications.

FoundedUnited Kingdom, 2002
WebsiteDiGiCo Website


DiGiCo's most current console lineup comprises the SD-Series of consoles, powered by Stealth Digital Processing. Pioneered with their flagship SD7, Stealth Digital Processing describes DiGiCo's first use of a single large scale FPGA for audio processing. Combined with Tiger SHARC DSP chips for effects processing and control, this new technology allows an entire audio engine to occupy only a single PCB.

The SD7 continues to be the flagship of the range, with consoles derived from it targeting other market areas and sizes of application. Currently the rest of the range comprises the SD5, SD10, SD8, SD9 and rack-mountable SD11, listed in order of size. T (Theatre) and B (Broadcast) software is also available for selected consoles.

The use of a flexible FPGA processing engine allows dedicated software to be written, to further refine the consoles features and operation for specific applications. The SD7, SD10 and SD9 are available with the optional theatre upgrade package, with the SD7, SD5, SD10, SD9 and SD11 having the option of a broadcast package.

Legacy DiGiCo consoles include the D1 and D5 Live platforms, as well as the D5T theatre console and DS00 studio production and broadcast console. The D-Series of consoles used a modular DSP engine, combining multiple SHARC DSP chips to form a large scale audio engine, still the method by which virtually all digital console manufacturers design their products.

In January 2016,[1] DiGiCo announced "Stealth Core2", an upgrade to release additional processing from the audio core of the SD series of consoles.


As of September 2017, DiGiCo's line up of consoles consist of: [2]

SD RangeEdit

Listed in size order.

  • SD7 (Flagship Console) (Broadcast and Theatre Software Variations Available)
  • SD5 (Broadcast and 5CS (MADI only) versions available)
  • SD12 (Released at NAMM 2017)
  • SD10 (Broadcast and Theatre Software Variations Available) (Also available in smaller form factor (SD10-24)
  • SD8 (Also available in smaller form factor (SD8-24)
  • SD9 (Broadcast and Theatre Software Variations Available)
  • SD11 (Broadcast and "i" Software Variations Available) (SD11i has 40 Flexi channels instead of 32 (Inc. 8 Flexi)[3])

S RangeEdit

  • S21
  • S31


As of September 2017, DiGiCo's line up of racks consist of:[4]

  • SD Rack
  • SD-Mini Rack
  • SD-Nano Rack
  • Waves SoundGrid
  • SD-RE Rack (Redundant engine for SD10)
  • D-Rack
  • MiNi-DiGiRack
  • RR-PSU (Low Noise Remote power supply for the SD Range)
  • D2-Rack
  • EX-007 (Fader Expansion for SD7)

Conversion / Connectivity Solutions[buzzword]Edit

As of September 2017, DiGiCo's line up of additional products include:[5]

  • Orange Box (2 DMI slots allowing a variety of 10 different DMI cards to be used as conversion between various Digital Audio Protocols including MADI and Dante.)
  • UB MADI (48x48 MADI/USB 2.0 interface)
  • Purple Box ( MADI (CAT5 or BNC)/optical interface)
  • Little Red Box
  • Little Blue Box


Musical TheatreEdit

DiGiCo's consoles have been used on many Musical Theatre Productions; on tour, on Broadway and on the West-end.

DiGiCo SD7T in use on the West End at the Prince Edward Theatre on Miss Saigon. (Feb 2016)


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