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Democratic Left Front (in Spanish: Frente Democrático de Izquierdas, FDI), was a left-wing political coalition in Spain. The coalition was formed by the Party of Labour of Spain (PTE), the Independent Socialist Party, Independent Socialist Bloc, Party of Communist Unification in the Canaries and Communist Unification of Spain (UCE) to participate in the 1977 general elections. Most of those parties were still illegal at the time of the election. FDI presented lists in all Spain, except in Catalonia, were the PTE run in a coalition with Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), called Left of Catalonia–Democratic Electoral Front (EC-FED). The coalition failed to win any seat (although their Catalan counterparts won one in Barcelona), and dissolved shortly afterwards.

Democratic Left Front

Frente Democrático de Izquierdas
FoundedMay 3, 1977 (1977-05-03)[1]
Political positionRadical Left
Supported byParty of Labour of Spain
Independent Socialist Party
Independent Socialist Bloc
Party of Communist Unification in the Canaries
Communist Unification of Spain
Confederación de Sindicatos Unitarios de Trabajadores (CSUT)
Democratic Association of Women
Young Red Guard of Spain[2]


Autonomy Votes %
Andalusia 46,249 1.58%
Aragón 9,611 1.47%
Asturias 1,544 0.27%
Balearic Islands 775 0.25%
Canary Islands 1,476 0.27%
Cantabria 1,633 0.64%
Castilla y León 10,677 0.77%
Castilla-La Mancha 4,989 0.56%
Valencian Country 10,470 0.56%
Extremadura 2,229 0.42%
Galicia 7,373 0.65%
La Rioja 1,006 0.73%
Madrid 13,328 0.58%
Navarre 6,631 2.57%
Basque Autonomous Community 4,617 0.46%
TOTAL 122,608 0.80%
Catalonia (EC-FED) 143,954 4.72%
Total FDI+Left of Catalonia 266,562 1.45%[3]


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