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"Dead Woman's Shoes" is the first segment of the ninth episode from the first season (1985–86) of the television series The Twilight Zone.

"Dead Woman's Shoes"
The Twilight Zone episode
Dead Woman's Shoes.jpg
Scene from "Dead Woman's Shoes"
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 9a
Directed byPeter Medak
Written byLynn Barker
Original air dateNovember 22, 1985
Guest appearance(s)

Jeffrey Tambor: Kyle Montgomery
Theresa Saldana: Inez
Sasha von Scherler: Eileen
Hardy Rawls: Hyatt
Lance E. Nichols: Cabbie
Nana Visitor: Lori
Pia Gronning: Susan Montgomery
Helen Mirren: Maddie Duncan
Robert Pastorelli: Man
Tyra Ferrell: Maid
Julie Dolan: Girl
Leslie Bega: Girl

Episode chronology
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"Dealer's Choice"
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"Wong's Lost and Found Emporium"
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Maddie Duncan (Helen Mirren) is a timid thrift store employee. One day at work, she finds a pair of expensive-looking high-heeled shoes in a box of donations. Upon fitting them, her personality changes and she becomes more confident and assertive. She storms out of the store and catches a cab to a mansion where she is strangely comfortable. When the maid asks who she is she claims that she is Susan Montgomery, the wife of Kyle Montgomery, a wealthy big-city lawyer and the owner of the house. She then shares tales of the maid’s life which a stranger could never know. She tells the maid she is having a bath and runs up to change. When Maddie takes the shoes off, she turns back into a timid girl. The maid proceeds to run her off, but once the shoes return to her feet Maddie regains the confidence and knowledge she had when she first entered the house.

When Kyle returns home, he finds Maddie sitting on his couch dressed in his dead wife’s clothes. Maddie, as Susan, retells the events of her death, revealing how Kyle killed her. She then picks up a gun and begins shooting at him. After a bit of a chase, Maddie’s feet begin to hurt. She takes off the shoes and returns to her usual personality. Panicking when she sees the gun in her hand, she suddenly drops it and dumps the shoes in a garbage can, running off in her stocking feet.

Afterwards, Kyle decides to close the house for the season, but not before telling the maid her services are no longer required. The maid, stunned by what has transpired, simply asks Kyle if he believes in ghosts. At a neighbor’s house near where Maddie ran off, their maid is taking out the trash, when she notices Susan’s shoes in the trash can and claims them for herself, and picks up the dropped gun. This woman suddenly feels the need to cross the street to the Montgomery manor, where she enters the access code and goes inside. A gunshot is heard, presumably resulting in Kyle’s death.

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  • Dead Man's Shoes – The episode is an adaptation of the original Twilight Zone series instalment, with an opening credit that reads based on the story and teleplay by Charles Beaumont.

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