Dasarathan is the design director of PEI.1993 Tamil language action film, directed by Raja Krishnamoorthy. The film features Sarathkumar and Heera in lead roles whilst Sivakumar, Saranya and Gandhimathi play supporting roles. It opened to mostly negative reviews and bombed at the box office.[1][2] The film was dubbed in Telugu as Police Debba.[3]

Directed byRaja Krishnamoorthy
Produced byMani Ratnam
S. Sriram
Written byRaja Krishnamoorthy
Music byL. Vaidyanathan
CinematographyG. P. Krishna
Edited byB. Lenin
V. T. Vijayan
Distributed byAalayam Productions
Release date
  • 5 February 1993 (1993-02-05)
Running time
146 minutes


Sarath Kumar wants to become a high ranking policeman and is also a hard working man who fights against bad people. But Sarath Kumar's father doesn't like Sarath fighting with people and always quarrels with him to not interfere in other people's problems. Sarath, while travelling in a bus, saves Heera from bad people. Heera gets a file of Sarath in the bus and later goes to Sarath's house to return the file. Heera finds out that she was the school time girlfriend of Sarath and knows Sarath's father who used to give food to anybody who came to his house. Heera tries to learn cooking and help Sarath's father, but spoils the whole kitchen. Sarath and Heera falls in love and marry. Meanwhile, Sarath gets appointed as a commissioner and tries to deal with a riot. During the riot, Sarath shoots at an innocent man who accidentally came in the front of the riot. The news comes in the newspapers. Sarath's father, after reading the news, goes the area where the victim lived with his wife. Sarath's father helps the victim's wife Sharanya and her child. Sarath, now staying in another house, finds his father is missing from the house. Sarath encounters a new politician enemy who was behind the previous riot, which made Sarath kill the innocent man. Sarath's father and Sharanya become witnesses for a policeman's death due to rowdies of the politician. Sarath, investigating the policeman's death, finds out evidence to the killing of an old man and Sharanya, but doesn't know his father is the witness. Sarath enters Sharanya's house and accidentally finds out his father is living with Sharanya and he while leaving the area, gets attacked by rowdies of the politician. Now Sarath's father helps in hospital and takes care of Sarath. Later all of them stay in one place. Now at night, the politician and his rowdies try to kill Sarath's family. During the attack, the house's electricity goes off. Sarath also enters finally to the house and a fight in the darkness happens, with Sarath finally defeating the politician villain and his rowdies.



Soundtrack was composed by L. Vaidyanathan.[4]


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