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DC Universe Classics was an action figure toyline, a sub-line of the DC Universe toy brand manufactured by Mattel. They were 6-inch scale figures based on characters owned by DC Comics. The entire line was sculpted by the Four Horsemen Studios, and were first available for sale in 2008. The "DC Classics" line ceased to be sold at retail in 2012 with wave 20. The series then became an online-and-convention exclusive line. It was announced in late 2014 that the line would come to an end with a final series of six figures celebrating the history of the line.



In 2007, Mattel was granted the rights to produce action figures of all DC Comics characters, although the company indicated the agreement excluded the DC Comics imprints Impact Comics, Vertigo, and WildStorm.[1] DC Universe Classics was first announced at San Diego Comic Con 2007, with the first wave of action figures on display.[2] The line was scheduled for initial availability in January 2008.[3] At SDCC, close-ups of the second wave of action figures were shown, along with a line of 3" game figures that sold as the "Fighting Figures" sub-line. The second wave of Classics figures (and variants) was shown at Wizard World Chicago, alongside the first wave of figures. The third wave of figures was announced in October 2007, with photos being shown in the December 12, 2007, issue of ToyFare magazine. The fourth and fifth waves were announced at the 2008 New York Comic Con, and three of the five (six, including the Collect and Connect figure) figures from the sixth wave were shown at Wizard World Philadelphia in May 2008. More figures were revealed at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con and on[citation needed]

The final wave of action figures to be sold at retail was Wave 20. The line was re-branded as DC Universe All-Stars and included Superman (New 52), Superboy Prime, Batman (New 52), and Red Robin, but was later canceled due to fan criticisms and lack of retailer interest. It was then rebranded into two different lines. One for Batman and one for the rest of the DC Universe; the lines were called Batman Unlimited and DC Unlimited, respectively. These lines were cancelled in 2013.

Collect and ConnectEdit

Mattel emulated Toy Biz' Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure concept with the DC Universe Classics line, which featured "Collect and Connect" with five (and later, six) separate figures including pieces to build one of DC's larger characters. Variant versions of figures include the same piece as the regular version. Collect and Connect figures are at least 25% larger than the regular figures in the wave.[4]


Collectors said they had difficulty finding figures in many retail stores. For collectors, the issue was pronounced with the Walmart-exclusive fifth wave, which was underordered by the retail chain,[5] but was later re-released and sold online at Mattel's website.[6] Mattel has since indicated that the company has improved the availability of action figures in the line.[7]

Availability also became a concern with the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Gleek figure, which was only available at the convention and not offered on Mattel's website after the show.[5] The figure quickly sold out, and there are no plans to re-release it.

Collectors, concerned about quality control, said some figures they purchased had stuck joints, bad paint applications, and mismatched parts. Others have complained about scale issues, with certain figures produced either too large (Lobo, Rocket Red) or too small (Sinestro, Big Barda), as well as the fact that Collect and Connect figures have a height limit.

Collectors have seen relatively quick price jumps since the line began. Initially, figures sold for under $10 each. Later, as the U.S. economy worsened in 2008–09, collectors saw price hikes of individual figures to $12.99 and then to $14.99 by 2010. In 2011, figures are generally sold for $15.99 to $17.99 in stores such as Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart. In 2012, Target has made the price jump again by pricing the Batman Legacy Arkham City figure at up to $20.97.

Super Powers influenceEdit

DC Universe Classics takes much of its inspiration from Kenner's Super Powers toyline from the 1980s, from character choices to their general design. All of the characters who were in the Super Powers line have appeared in DC Universe Classics and DC Superheroes, although four of them (Kalibak, the Penguin, Orion, and Mr. Freeze) are very different from how they looked in Super Powers (though Freeze would be re-released later with his Super Powers color scheme, and Penguin has been released in a more Super Powers-accurate version under the Batman Unlimited brand, also Kalibak has been re-released as a Collect and Connect figure in his Super Powers accurate color scheme with the 30th Anniversary Super Powers Collection).[8] Some characters who were redesigned for the Super Powers line (Parademon, Mantis, and Steppenwolf) were released in two versions—a comic-accurate version and a Super Powers version. Even the characters Cyclotron and Golden Pharaoh – created specifically for the Super Powers line—were released in DC Universe Classics. Further, figures that were going to be produced later in the Super Powers line were created as part of DC Universe Classics (including characters from Super Friends like El Dorado and the Wonder Twins).[9]

ToyFare Fans' ChoiceEdit

ToyFare #133 launched a contest quite similar to one done by Marvel Legends for DC Universe Classics. Through an online vote, fans of DC Universe Classics were able to choose from a list of six characters to appear in a future wave: Catman, The Huntress, The Question, Ragman, Starman, and Vixen. It was announced that the Question came out on top in the December 2008 issue of ToyFare. He appeared in the eleventh wave of Classics.

For its 2009 poll, the DC Universe brand managers and ToyFare staff picked another group of six characters for possible inclusion in the line: Captain Marvel, Jr., Geo-Force, Libra, Raven, Toyman, and Uncle Sam. The winner by a large margin was Raven, who was released in the line's fifteenth wave.[10]

The 2010 ToyFare poll differs from the previous two polls in that instead of choosing a regular figure from an upcoming wave, fans got to choose the Collect and Connect figure: Blockbuster, Girder, King Shark, Nekron, Shaggy Man, and Wildebeest. The winner of this poll was Nekron,[11] who appeared in the line's twentieth wave.[12]


The first wave of figures were shown at San Diego Comic Con, while the second wave was shown at Wizard World Chicago. At the outset of the line, five figures were included in each wave[13] (with variants included when possible), with five waves per year for five years. These plans were altered to increase the number of figures per wave to seven beginning with the seventh series, and to include retailer, convention, and online exclusives at various times throughout the year. Beginning with wave sixteen, the line was scaled back to six figures per wave (plus one variant).

Wave One - MetamorphoEdit

Batman heads this first line of figures. The Penguin, Red Tornado, and Etrigan were originally intended to have variants, which were scrapped at different times. The Penguin's chase robotic penguin accessories were dropped for cost reasons, while Red Tornado's modern costume and a repainted Etrigan to better reflect the art of Jack Kirby were skipped in favor of getting the second wave out as soon as possible. Some of the Batman figures are labeled "Crime Stopper," while others are dubbed "Classic Detective." It is unknown if this was a variant or a running change. Along the same lines, the first shipment of figures showed the classic Red Tornado on the back of the package, while the second shipments showed the modern incarnation.

The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Metamorpho, labeled "Rex Mason, the Element Man". Metamorpho includes snap-on accessories, including a giant right hand, a giant hammer for his left hand, and an extension for his right leg.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Orion Right Leg
2 Crime Stopper or Classic Detective Batman Right Arm
3 The Penguin Head/Torso
4 Red Tornado Left Leg
5 The Demon, Etrigan Left Arm

Wave Two - Gorilla GroddEdit

The electric-costume Superman from the late 1990s anchored this second assortment of figures. There are three characters with two versions each; cases included both Superman variants and either the modern or classic Aquaman, with the modern one packed at a smaller ratio to the classic incarnation. The Firestorms were done as a running change, with the classic version showing up in the first shipments and the modern version coming in later shipments. The Collect and Connect for this wave is Gorilla Grodd.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece Version
1 Firestorm Right Leg
Ronnie Raymond (Classic)/Jason Rusch (Modern)
2 Aquaman, King of Atlantis Right Arm
Arthur Curry (Classic)/Joseph Curry (Modern)
3 Harley Quinn Head/Torso
4 Superman Left Arm
Superman Blue/Superman Red
5 Black Manta Left Leg

Wave Three - Solomon GrundyEdit

Hal Jordan heads this third line of figures. Nightwing and Robin are redone in this third wave after both previously having been produced when the line was DC Superheroes. The previous representations of these two characters were not sculpted by the Four Horsemen. The wave was first seen in the December 12, 2007 issue of ToyFare. Sinestro's variants were issued at a 50:50 ratio, while Deathstroke's were slightly less. The Collect and Connect for this wave is Solomon Grundy.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Sinestro Right Leg
Sinestro Corps
2 Deathstroke the Terminator Right Arm
Slade Wilson masked/unmasked
3 Nightwing Head/Torso
4 Robin Left Arm
5 Green Lantern Left Leg

Wave Four - DesperoEdit

Wonder Woman anchors the fourth wave of figures. She and Cyborg were revealed at Toy Fair 2008. The rest of the lineup was unveiled at New York Comic Con 2008. At the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, it was announced that Batman Beyond and Cyborg would feature variants that would be exclusive to KB Toys.[14] Following KB's bankruptcy, the Batman Beyond and Cyborg variants were included with shipments to other retailers. The Collect and Connect for this wave is Despero in his mid 1990s incarnation, complete with two guns.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Wonder Woman Right Leg
2 Cyborg Right Arm
Super Powers/Sonic Blast Arm; KB Exclusive
3 Captain Atom Head/Torso
Classic/Kingdom Come version
4 Batman Beyond Left Arm
Masked/Unmasked Terry McGinnis; KB Exclusive
5 Ares Left Leg

Wave Five (Walmart exclusive) - MetalloEdit

At the 2008 New York Comic Con, Mattel announced that Walmart would begin carrying DC Universe Classics figures starting with wave three, in addition to receiving a store-exclusive wave in November 2008. At the request of Walmart, the characters included in this wave are characters that were able to be created using relatively few new parts.

The Collect and Connect for this wave is a mech version of Metallo. According to the Four Horsemen's panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, Metallo was originally sculpted to be part of DC Superheroes but was held back when Mattel was awarded the full license to the DC library.[citation needed]

Following problems with distribution of this wave at retail, the wave was re-released exclusively on in June 2010.[15]

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Amazo Right Leg
2 The Atom Right Arm
3 The Riddler Head/Torso
4 Eradicator Left Arm
5 Black Lightning Left Leg

Wave Six - KalibakEdit

Unveiled in its entirety during the 2008 San Diego Comic Con,[citation needed] the sixth assortment of DC Universe Classics contains a number of characters from Jack Kirby's Fourth World storyline. Superman is, once again, the tent pole character for the wave. The Collect and Connect for this wave is Darkseid's son Kalibak with his Beta-Club.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Mr. Miracle Right Leg
Dr. Impossible
2 Hawkman Right Arm
3 Killer Moth Head/Torso
4 Superman Left Arm
Black recovery costume/Classic costume, long hair
5 "Shazam!" Left Leg

Wave Seven - Atom SmasherEdit

Beginning with this wave, Mattel extended the number of figures in an assortment from five to seven. With these new assortments, six of the seven figures include a Collect and Connect piece to build a larger character; the seventh – who is usually the A-list hero included in the wave – includes a DC Universe display stand (which can also be bought in packs of 25 from Mattel's website[16]). The seventh wave was shipped in two assortments – each containing a mix of World's Greatest Super Heroes figures along with the regular figures in the wave. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Atom Smasher.

Number Figure Description Collect and Connect Piece
1 Ocean Warrior Aquaman Upper/Middle Torso
2 Kid Flash Right Arm
3 Blue Beetle Right Leg
4 Booster Gold Classic (with collar)/Modern (without collar) Left Leg
5 Big Barda With helmet/unhelmeted Left Arm
6 Captain Cold Head/Lower Torso
7 The Flash Figure stand

Wave Eight - GigantaEdit

In November 2008, Mattel revealed the lineup for the eighth wave on its website, including pictures. Parademon variants have a 50:50 ratio.[17] The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Giganta in her classic cavewoman outfit. In addition, a miniature Atom figure was included with the Collect and Connect pieces.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Commander Steel Upper/Middle Torso
2 Doctor Fate Right Arm
Doctor Fate Kent Nelson
3 Mister Terrific Right Leg
4 Vigilante Left Leg
5 Parademon Left Arm
Comic version/Super Powers version
6 Gentleman Ghost Head, Lower Torso, and Mini Atom
7 Hawkgirl Figure Stand

Wave Nine - ChemoEdit

On February 7, 2009, Mattel revealed the lineup for the ninth wave of the line at the 2009 New York Comic Con.[18] One of the villains in the wave, Mantis, has a 50/50 split consisting of his comic book counterpart and his depiction in the Super Powers line.[19] A Guardian variant was initially shown, but was cancelled in favor of the Wildcat variant. Some stores only received a fraction of their pre-orders from Mattel.[20] The Collect and Connect for this wave is Chemo, the nemesis of the Metal Men, in his modern form. Chemo is the only Build A Figure with a variant. The torso piece was released with and without an inner bubbles insert. The "no bubbles" piece was the earlier release and the "extra bubbles" piece replaced it.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Wildcat Head/Middle Torso
black costume/blue costume
2 Deadshot Right Arm
3 Guardian Right Leg
4 Black Adam Left Leg Classic, Scarab necklace
5 Mantis Left Arm
Comics Version/Super Powers version
6 Black Canary Lower Torso
7 Green Arrow Figure Stand

Wave Ten (Walmart exclusive) - ImperiexEdit

The tenth assortment of DC Universe Classics is the second wave exclusive to Walmart. Man-Bat is a hold-over from the DC Superheroes line, which saw albino and clear versions released as convention exclusives, but the classic, brown version of the character was never released. The Collect and Connect for this wave is Imperiex.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Robotman Upper/Middle Torso
2 Beast Boy Right Arm
3 The Joker Right Leg
4 Power Girl Left Leg
5 Man-Bat Left Arm
6 Forager Head/Lower Torso
7 Batman (Black costume) Figure Stand

Wave Eleven - KilowogEdit

Included in this wave are a number of characters that are part of the Green Lantern mythos. Also included is the winner of the 2008 ToyFare poll, The Question. The Collect and Connect for this wave is Kilowog.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Katma Tui Upper/Middle Torso
2 The Shark Right Leg
3 Deadman Right Arm
Solid/Phasing variant
4 Cyborg Superman Head/Lower Torso
5 The Question Left Leg
6 John Stewart Left Arm
7 Steppenwolf Figure stand
Comics version/Super Powers version

Wave Twelve - DarkseidEdit

Confirmed by Mattel and revealed for the first time in the November 2009 (#147) issue of ToyFare magazine, the twelfth wave of DC Universe Classics marks the switchover to a new theme and an updated package design.[7] In celebration of DC Comics' 75th anniversary, each Classics and Infinite Heroes figure includes an anniversary button (75 buttons in all). Additionally, rather than featuring comic book art for only the characters appearing in a given wave, the packaging showcases numerous DC characters.

The Collect and Connect for this wave is Darkseid, a larger version than the one released in the DC Superheroes line. Darkseid comes with his Killing Glove, which is interchangeable with his regular gloved hand, as well as a removable Mother Box.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Eclipso Right Leg
2 The Spectre Right Arm
Normal version/Glow-in-the-dark version
3 Copperhead Head/Lower Torso
4 Dr. Mid-Nite Left Arm
5 Desaad Figure stand
6 Mary Batson Upper/Middle Torso
White costume/Light Red costume and Dark Red costume variants
7 Iron Left Leg

Wave Thirteen - TrigonEdit

After the official confirmation of the lineup for wave twelve came the leak of the thirteenth wave's characters, as well as images. The wave includes the character Cyclotron, whose only previous appearance was as part of the Super Powers line. The modern Cheetah variant was originally shown in pictures without any clothing, but she was eventually released wearing a black outfit.[21] However, some online retailers received quantities of the unclothed Cheetah. Mattel has indicated that this version would see a general release, but it has since been put on hold.[22] The Collect and Connect for this wave is Teen Titans foe Trigon, complete with his staff.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Negative Man Right Arm/Staff
Bandaged head/Unbandaged head variant
2 Superboy Left Arm
3 Cyclotron Figure stand
4 Blue Beetle (Modern) Left Leg
5 Cheetah Right Leg
Barbara Ann Minerva (with black outfit)
Barbara Ann Minerva (without black outfit)
6 Blue Devil Upper Torso/Cape
7 Donna Troy Head/Lower Torso

Wave Fourteen (Walmart exclusive) - Ultra-HumaniteEdit

Confirmed in ToyFare #152[23] and at the New York International Toy Fair, the fourteenth wave of DC Universe Classics is the third wave to be exclusive to Walmart. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is the Ultra-Humanite. Unofficially Tyr has a dark red and a light red variant.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Kamandi Upper Torso
2 Obsidian Left Arm
3 Tyr Figure stand
4 Gold Left Leg
5 Hourman Head/Lower Torso
6 Zatanna Right Arm
7 Green Lantern Right Leg

Wave Fifteen - ValidusEdit

Officially confirmed on May 17, 2010, the fifteenth wave of DC Universe Classics includes another character exclusive to Super Powers – Golden Pharaoh. The winner of the 2009 ToyFare fans' choice poll, Raven, also makes her debut, as well as one of the runners-up from the 2008 poll, Starman (Jack Knight). This wave became available at Kmart stores and online retailers in early fall 2010, and was followed by other retailers later in the season.[24] The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Validus, an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Golden Pharaoh Figure stand
2 OMAC Right Arm
3 Jemm Left Arm
4 Raven Right Leg
5 Martian Manhunter Head/Lower Torso
Normal version/Alien head, weapon hand
6 Starman (Ted Knight) Left Leg
Starman (Jack Knight)
7 Sinestro Corps: Batman Upper Torso

Wave Sixteen - BaneEdit

In the September 2010 issue of ToyFare, pictures of part of the sixteenth wave were revealed – The Creeper and Jonah Hex, as well as the Collect and Connect figure. The rest of the wave was revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2010. Beginning with this wave, each wave will now contain six figures (in addition to one variant). Wave sixteen features a new, larger package design including art of iconic DC Comics heroes. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Bane, who features a new sculpt in a larger size, in relation to the DC Superheroes version.

Number Figure Description Collect and Connect Piece
1 Jonah Hex Left Leg
2 The Creeper Right Arm
3 The Riddler Classic Left Arm
4 Robin Dick Grayson (late-teens)/Dick Grayson (early-teens) Head/Lower Torso
5 Mercury Upper Torso
6 Azrael Batman Right Leg

Wave Seventeen Anti-MonitorEdit

In December 2010 Mattel unveiled the lineup for the seventeenth wave of the line.[25] Each figure is a tie-in to DC Comics' Blackest Night storyline. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is the Anti-Monitor.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Star Sapphire: Wonder Woman Upper and Middle Torso
2 Sinestro Corps: Scarecrow Right Leg
3 Blue Lantern: The Flash Left Arm
4 Indigo Lantern: The Atom Right Arm
5 Orange Lantern: Lex Luthor Left Leg
6 Black Lantern: Hal Jordan Head and Lower Torso
White Lantern: Hal Jordan

Wave Eighteen - Apache ChiefEdit

Revealed at the 2011 International Toy Fair, most of the figures in this wave tie into the Super Friends TV Series. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Apache Chief. This wave became the first to feature no variant figure which would continue for the duration of the line, instead Bronze Tiger featured an interchangeable head.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Black Vulcan Left Leg
2 El Dorado Upper Torso
3 Toyman Right Arm
4 Captain Boomerang Head & Lower Torso
5 Samurai Left Arm
6 Bronze Tiger Right Leg

Wave Nineteen - S.T.R.I.P.E.Edit

The website MTV Geek had the exclusive reveal for the nineteenth wave of the line.[26] This time, each figure is a tie-in to the Justice Society of America. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is S.T.R.I.P.E.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Sandman left leg
2 The Atom (Golden Age) head and lower torso
3 Stargirl right arm
4 Lord Naga upper torso
5 Hawkman (Golden Age) left arm
6 Magog right leg

Wave Twenty - NekronEdit

Revealed at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Nekron, the winner of the third ToyFare poll.

Number Figure Collect and Connect Piece
1 Hawk Upper Torso
2 Dove Lower Torso
3 Red Arrow Left Arm
4 Green Arrow (Brightest Day) Right Arm
5 Sinestro Head
6 White Lantern: The Flash Right Leg
7 Reverse Flash Left Leg

World's Greatest Super Heroes/All-StarEdit

The seventh wave saw the first release of World's Greatest Super Heroes (WGSH) figures, re-releases of earlier figures with a DC Universe stand. Figures released in this wave included Batman (blue and gray), Firestorm, Green Lantern, Robin, "Shazam!", and Wonder Woman. Additional figures were released under the WGSH banner, and, later, under the All-Star banner (in addition to the figure stand, All-Star figures also include a 75th anniversary button).

Figure Description Original Release WGSH/All-Star
Batman Black and gray Gotham City 5 WGSH and All-Star
Blue and gray Wave One WGSH
Firestorm Ronnie Raymond Wave Two WGSH
The Flash Wave Seven WGSH and All-Star
Green Arrow Wave Nine All-Star
Green Lantern Wave Three WGSH
Nightwing Wave Three All-Star
Power Girl Wave Ten All-Star
Robin Wave Three WGSH
"Shazam!" Wave Six WGSH
Superman Gotham City 5 WGSH and All-Star
Wonder Woman Wave Four WGSH



San Diego Comic ConEdit

The first DC Universe Classics exclusive figure was announced at the 2008 New York Comic Con: Lobo.[27] He was sold at the Mattel booth at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, though some very limited quantities were offered on Mattel's online store. His inclusion in the line had been in question for quite some time, as DC Comics did not feel as though he was a character they would want in a mass market toy line, due to his persona in the comics.[4]

Toys "R" Us two-packsEdit

Because of poor distribution when DC Universe Classics was still DC Superheroes, many fans were unable to obtain several of the figures offered. As a solution, Mattel released, exclusive to Toys "R" Us, two-packs that provided collectors with a way to purchase some of these older figures. In addition, the two-packs included new figures (Abin Sur and Lightray), and new versions of recent DC Universe Classics releases (Orion and Hal Jordan Green Lantern).[28]

Name Figures
Batman Figure Pack Azrael
New Gods Figure Pack Orion
Green Lantern Figure Pack Hal Jordan
Abin Sur
Super Enemies Figure Pack Cyborg Superman

2009Edit two-packsEdit

In conjunction with the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, Mattel launched a site featuring exclusive news as well as products that collectors can buy directly from Mattel. Though limited numbers of 2008 Comic Con exclusives were made available for order in late July, exclusives began in the first quarter of 2009 with two-packs of previously unreleased characters.

Set Name Figures Release Date
1 Space Heroes Two-Pack Adam Strange January 15, 2009
2 Battle for Earth 3 Ultraman June 15, 2009
Alexander Luthor
3 Color of Fear Romat-Ru November 16, 2009
4 Justice in the Jungle Animal Man December 15, 2009
B'wana Beast
Online and Toys "R" Us two-packsEdit

Shortly before the 2008 Christmas holiday, four pre-orders for previously unannounced two-packs appeared on various online toy store websites.[29] They were proposed as exclusives to online retailers and Toys "R" Us. Two of the four two-packs were released in 2009; the third two-pack (featuring Lex Luthor and Supergirl) was delayed until 2010, while the fourth (featuring the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl) was not released.

Name Figures
Fists of Clay Figure Pack Clayface
Clash in the Cosmos Superman
San Diego Comic ConEdit

The San Diego Comic Con exclusive for 2009 was a two-pack of the Super Friends characters Zan and Jayna, better known as the Wonder Twins. Available both at San Diego and on, the set comes with the aforementioned twins, along with a bucket featuring Zan in his water form and Jayna in the shape of an eagle. Gleek, their pet monkey, was available for convention attendees only.

Walmart five-packEdit

An exclusive five-pack was offered by Walmart stores in 2009. Four of the five figures (Superman, Batman, Two-Face, and Catwoman) are repaints of figures from the DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics lines, while the fifth figure (Lex Luthor) is an all-new sculpt.


Online and Toys "R" Us two-packsEdit

The delayed Kryptonite Chaos two-pack that was scheduled for 2009 was finally made available at retail alongside re-releases of the Green Lantern and Super Enemies two-packs from late 2008.

Name Figures
Kryptonite Chaos Lex Luthor
Toys "R" Us All-Star figuresEdit

Four repaints (Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Nightwing) were released exclusively to Toys "R" Us stores. A fifth figure featuring The Joker repainted in an Alex Ross inspired black tuxedo design was scheduled to be released as well, but was cancelled.[30]

DC Universe Classics Vs. Masters of the Universe Classics Toys "R" Us two-packsEdit

Combining two of Mattel's properties, these sets of figures focus on releasing Masters of the Universe Classics figures at retail. The DC figures are straight re-releases of previously produced figures, while the Masters of the Universe Classics figures are repaints of the versions released on The two-packs in the first series each come with an exclusive comic; two-packs in the second series each come with a mini-poster.

Series OneEdit
Name Figures
Superman Vs. He-Man Superman
Lex Luthor Vs. Skeletor Lex Luthor
Series TwoEdit
Name Figures
Hawkman Vs. Stratos Hawkman
Aquaman Vs. Mer-Man Aquaman
Walmart two-packsEdit

Four exclusive two-packs were released at Walmart in 2010. The first two sets were composed entirely of repaints and feature no new sculpting; the second two were straight re-releases.

Name Figures
Dynamic Duo Batman
Robin (Tim Drake)
Undersea Assault Aquaman
Black Manta
Fates Intertwined Hawkgirl
Gentleman Ghost
Power Struggle Superman
San Diego Comic ConEdit

In April 2010, the G4 series Attack of the Show! revealed that the 2010 San Diego Comic Con exclusive would be Plastic Man, with multiple attachments, one of which (Plastic Man in suitcase form) was only available for convention attendees.[31] In addition, the Starro exclusive for the DC Universe Infinite Heroes line came with a set of four Starro spores which are compatible with the 6" DC Universe Classics line. Like the Plastic Man suitcase, these spores were only available at the San Diego Comic Con.[32]

Walmart five-packEdit

Walmart's second exclusive five-pack featured two brand new characters (Guy Gardner and Tomar-Re), as well as three repaints of existing figures (Hal Jordan sporting grey temples circa the 1989 Green Lantern series, John Stewart in his Green Lantern Mosaic costume, and a Green Lantern version of Sinestro).


San Diego Comic ConEdit

On the April 28, 2011 episode of Attack of the Show!, it was revealed that the 2011 San Diego Comic Con exclusive would be Swamp Thing, a character that was previously off-limits because for a time it was not part of the mainstream DC Universe. A set of Un-Men would also be sold as a convention-only exclusive.[33]

DC Universe Classics Vs. Masters of the Universe Classics Toys "R" Us two-packsEdit

Three more two-packs including a combination of DC Universe Classics and Masters of the Universe Classics figures were released. The Bizarro Vs. Faker two-pack was also available at the San Diego Comic-Con.[34]

Name Figures
Bizarro Vs. Faker Bizarro
Aquaman Vs. Merman Aquaman
Hawkman Vs. Stratos Hawkman
Green Lantern Vs. Zodac Green Lantern
Supergirl Vs. She-Ra Supergirl

Two two-packs were released. The first two-pack re-released Harley Quinn from Wave 2 and appeared to include the cancelled All-Star Joker from 2010. The second two-pack re-released both Black Adam from Wave 9 and Captain Marvel from Wave 6. Adam does not have the Beetle Necklace of Wave 9.[37]

Name Figures
Mad Love Joker
Harley Quinn
Mightiest Mortals Black Adam
Legion of Super-Heroes twelve-packEdit

Exclusive to was a twelve-pack of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the first time characters from this team were released in the DC Universe Classics line. In addition to the twelve heroes listed below, the set also included a Proty accessory figure and die-cast Legion flight ring. The ring is the difference between the original release and the reissue. The original one was gold plated. Also an open figure slot is included in this package that is labeled for Invisible Kid.

Wal-Mart five-packEdit

Exclusive to Wal-Mart was a five-pack of members of the Crime Syndicate of America, packaged with a combination of modern (Owlman, Superwoman, Ultraman) and classic (Johnny Quick, Power Ring) incarnations of the characters.[38]


Club Infinite EarthsEdit

Much like their existing subscription service for Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel unveiled a subscription service for DC Universe Classics in 2011, intended to produce figures demanded by collectors.[citation needed] In September, Mattel revealed on their Facebook page that despite not reaching their subscriber goal, the club would still go forward. In order to offer the subscription, Mattel would raise the prices of figures for non-subscribers. They also revealed that the winner of the club exclusive poll was Metron.[39]

Besides Metron, the first figures to be released through the club were Atrocitus, the Flash, Starman, and Poison Ivy. It was also revealed that Platinum, of the Metal Men, with her accessory Tin, Mirror Master, Black Mask, John Constantine, Uncle Sam, and filling the oversize slots, Rocket Red, Elasti-Girl, and Lead, of the Metal Men would be released. Mattel announced that they were in preparation to announce the 2013 lineup during San Diego Comic-Con.[citation needed]

Month Figure Accessories
May Jay Garrick
June Atrocitus Red Lantern
June (Club Exclusive) Metron Mobius Chair
July Starman VIII Variant Head
July (Over Sized Figure) Rocket Red
August Mirror Master Interchangeable Mirror Guns
September Black Mask Batman's Cowl, Dagger and Double Sword Staff
October Poison Ivy
October (Over Sized Figure) Elasti-Girl Elasti-Girl (Mini Figure)
November Uncle Sam Doll Man (Mini Figure)
November John Constantine
December Platinum Tin (Under Sized Figure)
December (Over Sized Figure) Lead


The DC Club Infinite Earths 2013 line up was unveiled at SDCC that year. The line-up included Saint Walker, Phantom Stranger, Elongated Man, Larfleeze, Wally West with the Club Exclusive being Monsieur Mallah including The Brain as an accessory.

On August 7, it was announced that the club would go through, reaching the minimum number of subscriptions.[citation needed] At New York Comic Con it was revealed that Red Hood, Captain Marvel Jr., and Huntress would be released at some point during 2013. The price of figures had gone up from $15 to $18 (for subscribers) and from $18 to $20 (for non-subscribers). Additionally, a new line called Club Black Freighter, based off the Watchmen series, would release figures bimonthly with a total of six figures released. There would be no DC subscription for 2014 as pre-sales did not meet expectations. However, it was announced at New York Comic Con on 10/11/2013 that five figures would be released in 2014 to end the line. "Hook hand" Aquaman would be released in March, Ice in June, Superboy in September, and Damian Wayne as Robin in December. "Containment Suit" Doomsday would be released as the SDCC exclusive and then on, after Mattel apologized to its fans that they weren't given the budget to do the full, large Doomsday that would require expensive tooling, and could only afford to do a "Containment Suit" version that was considerably cheaper to produce. Shortly afterwards, Mattel did in fact announce that they would be producing a full-on Collect and Connect sized "Doomsday Unleashed" figure, for nothing else than to give the fans a proper send-off and to apologize for the many figures over the years that the fans asked for that Mattel was unable to produce.

Month Figure Accessories
January Saint Walker Blue Lantern
February Phantom Stranger
March Elongated Man Magnifying Glass
April Larfleeze Orange Lantern
April (Club Exclusive) Monsieur Mallah The Brain
May Wally West
June Red Hood Two Red Guns
July Captain Marvel Jr.
August Fire One Plasma blast
September Huntress Crossbow
October Ocean Master Ocean Power Trident
November Ra's al Ghul Scimitar
December Batzarro Bat-a-rang

2013 Club Black Freighter

Month Figure Accessories
January Rorschach Grapplegun
March Dr. Manhattan
May Silk Spectre
July Nite Owl Grapplegun & Owl-a-rangs
September Comedian Flamethrower Backpack & Shotgun
November Ozymandias Alternate Head


Month Figure Accessories
March "Hook Hand" Aquaman
June Ice One ice blast
September Superboy
December Damian Wayne Robin Red batarang
SDCC 2014 Doomsday Bound
Winter 2015 Doomsday Unleashed Shredded Superman cape

The End of the LineEdit

The release of Doomsday Unleashed marked the final figure in the DC Universe Classics/DC Signature Series line, and Mattel even put "Final Figure" on the front of his box. Mattel offered one more set of six figures on their website celebrating the 30th anniversary of Kenner's Super Powers Collection, featuring a Collect and Connect Super Powers colored Kalibak figure. At retail, the line semi-continued under a few different names, Batman Unlimited and DC Comics Unlimited, which mixed the Horsemen sculpted comic based figures with figures based on other media properties, like the Injustice series of video games. As of 2018, the Horsemen sculpted figures continue to be peppered into Mattel's DC Multiverse retail line, which brings back the Collect and Connect concept last seen in DC Universe Classics.


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