The Czech Hockey Games, also sponsored as Carlson Hockey Games, is an annual ice hockey event held in Czech Republic. It is part of the Euro Hockey Tour. It was previously sponsored as the Pragobanka Cup, Kajotbet Hockey Games and the Česká Pojišťovna Cup

Czech Hockey Games
Genresporting event
CountryCzech Republic
Inaugurated1994 (1994)
Most recent2022 (2022)

History Edit

The tournament started in 1994 as the Pragobanka Cup. In 1998, it became sponsored by Česká pojišťovna. In 2012, the tournament name was changed for two seasons when Kajotbet took over the sponsoring. In 2017, it became the Carlson Hockey Games.[1][2] In the 1997–98 season, the tournament joined the Euro Hockey Tour and the Slovak national team was replaced with the Finnish national team.

From its start in 1994 until 2009, the tournament was always played between August and September. Since 2009, it has typically been played in April every year, with exceptions for the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics years, when the tournament is instead played in the August or September before the Olympics. The tournament was not moved prior to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Prior to 2003, the tournament was played in Zlín at AC ZPS Zlín's home arena. It then moved to the Duhová Aréna in Pardubice, and then to the Tipsport Arena in Liberec, northern Bohemia, in 2005.

Results Edit

Final standings in each event are determined in a round-robin tournament. If teams are tied in points, the standing is determined by the result of the game between the tied teams.

Year Winner Runner-up 3rd place
1994   Czech Republic   Russia   Sweden
1995   Czech Republic   Sweden   Slovakia
1996[a]   Finland   Sweden   Czech Republic
Part of the Euro Hockey Tour
1997   Czech Republic   Finland   Russia
1998   Sweden   Finland   Czech Republic
1999   Czech Republic   Finland   Sweden
2000   Finland   Sweden   Czech Republic
2001   Finland   Russia   Sweden
2002   Russia   Czech Republic   Sweden
2003   Finland   Sweden   Russia
2004 No tournament held due to the World Cup of Hockey
2005   Sweden   Russia   Czech Republic
2006   Russia   Finland   Sweden
2007 No tournament held
2008   Russia   Czech Republic   Finland
2009 (April)   Russia   Czech Republic   Finland
2009 (September)   Czech Republic   Russia   Finland
2011   Czech Republic   Russia   Finland
2012   Finland   Czech Republic   Russia
2013 (April)   Sweden   Russia   Czech Republic
2013 (August)   Finland   Russia   Sweden
2014–2016 No tournament held
2017   Czech Republic   Finland   Russia
2018   Czech Republic   Finland   Sweden
2019   Sweden   Finland   Russia
2020 Tournament cancelled due to the Coronavirus disease 2019[3]
2021   Czech Republic   Sweden   Finland
2022   Czech Republic   Sweden   Finland
2023    Switzerland   Sweden   Czech Republic
  1. ^ Only Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland participated.

Medal table Edit

Pos Team Gold Silver Bronze Total
1   Czech Republic 10 4 6 20
2   Finland 6 7 6 19
3   Sweden 4 9 5 18
4   Russia 4 5 7 16
5    Switzerland 1 0 0 1
6   Slovakia 0 0 1 1

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