Cycling at the 1968 Summer Olympics – Men's individual pursuit

These are the official results of the men's individual pursuit at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico, held on 17 and 18 October 1968. There were 28 participants from 28 nations.[1]

Men's cycling individual pursuit
at the Games of the XIX Olympiad
VenueOlympic Velodrome, Mexico City
Date17 to 18 October 1968
Competitors28 from 28 nations
1st place, gold medalist(s) Daniel Rébillard  France
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Mogens Frey  Denmark
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Xaver Kurmann  Switzerland
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Competition formatEdit

The individual pursuit competition consisted of a qualifying round and a 3-round knockout tournament, including a bronze medal race. Each race, in both the qualifying round and the knock-out rounds, consisted of a pair of cyclists starting from opposite sides of the track. The cyclists raced for 4,000 metres, attempting to finish with the fastest time and, if possible, catch the other cyclist. For the qualifying round, the eight fastest times overall (regardless of whether the cyclist finished first or second in his heat, though any cyclist who was overtaken was eliminated) earned advancement to the knockout rounds. In the knockout rounds, the winner of each heat advanced to the next round.[2]


Qualifying roundEdit

Rank Cyclist Nation Time Notes
1 Xaver Kurmann   Switzerland 4:40.41 Q
2 John Bylsma   Australia 4:41.10 Q
3 Daniel Rébillard   France 4:42.15 Q
4 Mogens Frey   Denmark 4:42.30 Q
5 Cipriano Chemello   Italy 4:43.58 Q
6 Rupert Kratzer   West Germany 4:43.84 Q
7 Radamés Treviño   Mexico 4:44.12 Q
8 Paul Crapez   Belgium 4:44.93 Q
9 Martín Emilio Rodríguez   Colombia 4:45.38
10 Rajmund Zieliński   Poland 4:46.03
11 Knut Knudsen   Norway 4:46.70
12 Juan Alberto Merlos   Argentina 4:47.81
13 Daniel Yuste   Spain 4:50.36
14 Jiří Daler   Czechoslovakia 4:50.50
15 Ian Hallam   Great Britain 4:50.62
16 Ole Wackström   Finland 4:50.76
17 Gösta Pettersson   Sweden 4:51.37
18 David Brink   United States 4:55.40
19 Vernon Stauble   Trinidad and Tobago 5:07.80
20 Benjamin Evangelista   Philippines 5:22.12
21 Tarek Abou Al Dahab   Lebanon 5:35.42
22 Colin Forde   Barbados 5:35.60
Inocente Lizano   Cuba 4:51.09 Overtaken
Fedor den Hertog   Netherlands 4:54.32 Overtaken
Emil Rusu   Romania 4:56.45 Overtaken
Gwon Jung-hyeon   South Korea 5:09.90 Overtaken
Pakanit Boriharnvanakhet   Thailand 5:34.50 Overtaken
Denfield McNab   Belize 6:12.96 Overtaken


Quarterfinal 1Edit

Rank Cyclist Nation Time Notes
1 Xaver Kurmann   Switzerland 4:45.94 Q
2 Paul Crapez   Belgium 4:49.99

Quarterfinal 2Edit

Rank Cyclist Nation Time Notes
1 John Bylsma   Australia 4:41.66 Q
2 Radamés Treviño   Mexico 4:42.40

Quarterfinal 3Edit

Rank Cyclist Nation Time Notes
1 Daniel Rébillard   France 4:39.87 Q
2 Rupert Kratzer   West Germany 4:41.43

Quarterfinal 4Edit

Rank Cyclist Nation Time Notes
1 Mogens Frey   Denmark 4:37.54 Q
2 Cipriano Chemello   Italy 4:42.29


Semifinal 1Edit

Rank Cyclist Nation Time Notes
1 Mogens Frey   Denmark 4:42.05 Q
2 Xaver Kurmann   Switzerland 4:44.26 B

Semifinal 2Edit

Rank Cyclist Nation Time Notes
1 Daniel Rébillard   France 4:41.80 Q
2 John Bylsma   Australia 4:48.73 B


Bronze medal matchEdit

Rank Cyclist Nation Time
  Xaver Kurmann   Switzerland 4:39.42
4 John Bylsma   Australia 4:41.60


Rank Cyclist Nation Time
  Daniel Rébillard   France 4:41.71
  Mogens Frey   Denmark 4:42.43

Final classificationEdit

Rank Name Nation
  Daniel Rébillard   France
  Mogens Frey   Denmark
  Xaver Kurmann   Switzerland
4 John Bylsma   Australia
5 Cipriano Chemello   Italy
Paul Crapez   Belgium
Rupert Kratzer   West Germany
Radamés Treviño   Mexico
9 Martín Rodríguez   Colombia
10 Rajmund Zieliński   Poland
11 Knut Knudsen   Norway
12 Juan Alberto Merlos   Argentina
13 Daniel Yuste   Spain
14 Jiří Daler   Czechoslovakia
15 Ian Hallam   Great Britain
16 Ole Wackström   Finland
17 Gösta Pettersson   Sweden
18 David Brink   United States
19 Vernon Stauble   Trinidad and Tobago
20 Benjamin Evangelista   Philippines
21 Tarek Abou Al Dahab   Lebanon
22 Colin Forde   Barbados
AC Inocente Lizano   Cuba
Fedor den Hertog   Netherlands
Emil Rusu   Romania
Gwon Jung-hyeon   South Korea
Pakanit Boriharnvanakhet   Thailand
Denfield McNab   Belize


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