Crișul Repede

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The Crișul Repede (Romanian Crișul Repede ("the rapid Criș"); Hungarian Sebes-Körös) is a river in Bihor County, Crișana, Romania and in southeastern Hungary (Körösvidek). Together with the rivers Crișul Alb ("the white Criș") and Crișul Negru ("the black Criș"), it makes up the Three Criș rivers ("Cele Trei Crișuri"). These are considered the main rivers in the Crișana region of Romania. Historically, when Crișana was recognised as an official region (today, Romania is divided into 40 counties), the Criș rivers were the most important in the region. Its basin size is 9,119 km2 (3,521 sq mi).[1]: 22  Its length in Romania is 171 km (106 mi).[2]

Crișul Repede
Oradea-Nagyvárad - Crişul Repede and synagogue.jpg
The Crișul Repede in Oradea
Crișul Repede is located in Hungary
Crișul Repede
Crișul Repede is located in Romania
Crișul Repede
Native nameSebes-Körös (Hungarian)
CountriesRomania and Hungary
Physical characteristics
SourceGilău Mountains, Romania
 • elevation710 m (2,330 ft)
 • location
Gyomaendrőd, Hungary
 • coordinates
46°55′13″N 20°58′39″E / 46.92028°N 20.97750°E / 46.92028; 20.97750Coordinates: 46°55′13″N 20°58′39″E / 46.92028°N 20.97750°E / 46.92028; 20.97750
Length209 km (130 mi)
Basin size9,119 km2 (3,521 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionKörösTiszaDanubeBlack Sea
 • leftIad, Drăgan
 • rightBarcău (Berettyó)

The Crișul Repede runs through the city of Oradea, the capital of Bihor county. It flows into the Körös (Criș) near Gyomaendrőd, in Hungary. Part of the water from the Crișul Repede is diverted towards the Crișul Negru by the Criș Collector Canal.

The river partially froze in 2017

Towns and villagesEdit

The following towns and villages are situated along the Crișul Repede, from source to mouth:


The following rivers are tributaries to the Crișul Repede (from source to mouth):[2]


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