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Corflu is a science fiction fanzine convention held each spring in North America (and three times in Britain). It is named after a slang term for the "correction fluid" used in mimeograph printing, a common way to produce fanzines before the arrival of low-cost photocopying and online fanzines. Each Corflu is organized by a different regional group, selected at the previous year's gathering. Previous Corflus have been held at:

The venue for the 2020 Corflu will be College Station, Texas.

Corflu is a small, informal convention with a single track of programming. Corflu's traditions include choosing the Guest of Honor randomly from the attendees and electing past presidents of the Fan Writers of America (which never has a current president). The Fan Activity Achievement Awards (FAAns) are presented annually at Corflu, and since 2010 a Lifetime Achievement Award has also been presented.[1]

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