Constitutional Court of Romania

The Constitutional Court of Romania (Romanian: Curtea Constituţională a României) is the institution which rules on whether the laws, decrees or other bills enacted by Romanian authorities are in conformity with the Constitution.

Constitutional Court of Romania
Curtea Constituţionalǎ a României
LocationPalace of the Parliament, Bucharest
Composition method-Senate selection (3 members)
-Chamber of Deputies selection (3 members)
-President selection (3 members)
Authorized byConstitution
Appeals to1992 - 2003: Parliament
2003 - present: none
Judge term length9 years
Number of positions9
President of the Constitutional Court of Romania
CurrentlyValer Dorneanu
Lead position ends2022
Jurist term ends2022

It consists of nine members serving nine-year terms which cannot be extended, with three members each appointed by the President, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Three members are renewed every 3 years.


According to the Article 144 of the Constitution, the Constitutional Court exercises the following powers:

  • to adjudicate on the constitutionality of laws, before promulgation, upon notification by the President of Romania, by the President of either Chamber of Parliament, by the Government, the Supreme Court of Justice, by a number of at least 50 Deputies or at least 25 Senators, as well as, ex officio, on initiatives to revise the Constitution
  • to adjudicate on the constitutionality of the Standing Orders of Parliament, upon notification by the President of either Chamber, by a parliamentary group or a number of at least 50 Deputies or at least 25 Senators
  • to decide on exceptions brought to the Courts of law as to the unconstitutionality of laws and orders
  • to guard the observance of the procedure for the election of the President of Romania and to confirm the ballot returns
  • to ascertain the circumstances which justify the interim in the exercise of office of President of Romania, and to report its findings to Parliament and the Government
  • to give advisory opinion on the proposal to suspend the President of Romania from office
  • to guard the observance of the procedure for the organization and holding of a referendum, and to confirm its returns
  • to check on compliance with the conditions for the exercise of the legislative initiative by citizens
  • to decide on objections of unconstitutionality of a political party


Current structureEdit

Appointer Name
Term start Term end
Senate Mona Pivniceru [ro] 2013 2022
Marian Enache [ro] 2016 2025
Cristian Deliorga 2019 2028
Chamber of Deputies Valer Dorneanu
Attila Varga [ro] 2016 2025
Gheorghe Stan 2019 2028
President Daniel Morar 2013 2022
Livia Stanciu [ro] 2016 2025
Simina Tănăsescu 2019 2028


Since it was created in 1992, the Constitutional Court had the following composition.[1][2][3]

Attila VargaSimona Maya TeodoroiuLivia StanciuMona PivniceruDaniel MorarStefan MineaPetre LăzăroiuMarian EnacheValer DorneanuValentin-Zoltán PuskásTudorel ToaderAugustin ZegreanToni GreblăIulia Antoanella MotocIon PredescuAcsinte GasparAspazia CojocaruNicolae CochinescuIoan VidaPetre NinosuŞerban Viorel StănoiuKozsokár GáborConstantin DoldurLucian StânguCostică BulaiNicolae PopaLucian MihaiRomul Petru VonicaFlorin Bucur VasilescuIoan MuraruIoan DeleanuVictor-Dan ZlătescuMihai ConstantinescuViorel-Mihai CiobanuAntonie IorgovanFazakás MiklosIon FilipescuVasile Gionea

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