Confédération nationale du travail

The CNT-F (Confédération nationale du travail) or National Confederation of Labour is a French anarcho-syndicalist union.

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Full nameNational Confederation of Labour
Native nameConfédération nationale du travail
Members3700 - 4200 (december 2008)
Head unionNo chief
Office locationParis, France
WebsiteCNT Vignoles :

It was founded in 1946 by Spanish anarcho-syndicalists in exile, and former members of Confédération Générale du Travail-Syndicaliste Révolutionnaire (CGT-SR), its name is derived from the Spanish CNT, the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo.



Nowadays, two French organisations share the name CNT:

  • the CNT-Vignoles (or CNT-f), from the name of the street where their main office in Paris is located. It contains the most members of the two organisations.

They decline the term anarchist, preferring to call themselves "revolutionary unionist" (syndicalistes révolutionnaires).[1] They accept the terms of the 1906 Charter of Amiens, the Charter of Lyon (1926) and the charter of Paris (1946).

They also accept participation in the professional elections and collaboration with others unions.

They define themselves as anarchosyndicalist, while they have clear influences from council communism, worker anarchism of the Federación Obrera Regional Argentina (FORA) and the Situationist International.

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