Communist Party of Galicia

The Communist Party of Galicia (Galician: Partido Comunista de Galicia, PCG), is the affiliate of the Communist Party of Spain in Galicia.

Communist Part of Galicia
Partido Comunista de Galicia
Secretary-GeneralEva Solla
Founded1968 (1968)
NewspaperA Voz do Pobo
Youth wingXuventude Comunista Galega (XC)
Revolutionary Marxism
National affiliationCommunist Party of Spain
United Left
Congreso de los Diputados (Galician seats)
1 / 23
Within Unidas Podemos
Spanish Senate (Galician seats)
0 / 18
Parliament of Galicia
0 / 75


It was founded by Santiago Álvarez Gómez (1913–2002).[1] During the late years of Francoism and the Spanish democratic transition the party lost influence, with some sectors of its traditional social base joining the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) or the Galician People's Union (UPG).

In the local elections of 1979 the party gained 70 town councillors[2] and 3 mayors (Cangas do Morrazo, O Grove and Mugardos). In the Galician elections of 1981 the PCG won a seat in the Parliament of Galicia for the Province of A Coruña. In 1985 the party lost its representation in parliament, not gaining any seat again until the Galician elections of 2012, when the coalition Galician Left Alternative won 9 deputies (5 - later 4 - of them were PCG members):

The current general secretary is Eva Solla, elected in 2014, being the first woman to lead the party[3]

Election resultsEdit

Year and type of election Votes Percentage Deputies/Town councillors
1977 Spanish legislative election 34,188 3.03 0
1979 Spanish municipal elections 48,482 4.53 70
1979 Spanish legislative election 42,594 4.16 0
1981 Galician parliamentary election 28,927 2.93 1


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