Parliament of Galicia

The Parliament of Galicia (Galician: Parlamento de Galicia) is the unicameral legislature of the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. It is formed by 75 deputies (deputados). Deputies are elected every four years in ordinary period, or extraordinarily upon dissolution and call of elections by the President of the Xunta of Galicia, by universal suffrage in proportional lists with the four Galician provinces serving as constituencies.

Parliament of Galicia

Parlamento de Galicia
XI Legislature
Parlamento de Galicia.svg
Miguel Ángel Santalices Vieira, PPdeG
since 26 January 2016
Vice President
Diego Calvo, PPdeG
since 7 August 2020
Second Vice President
Montse Prado, BNG
since 7 August 2020
Corina Porro, PPdeG
since 7 August 2020
Vice Secretary
Marina Ortega, PSdeG
since 7 August 2020
Parlamento Gallego 2020.svg
Political groups
Government (42)
  •   PP (42)

Opposition (33)

  • Institutional: General Administration, Justice & Interior
  • Territorial Planning, Public Works, Environment & Services
  • Economy, Tax office
  • Education & Culture
  • Health, Social Policy & Employment
  • Industry, Energy, Commerce & Tourism
  • Agriculture, Food Production, Livestock & Forestry
  • Fishing & Shellfish
Proportional representation
Last election
12 July 2020
Meeting place
Salón de Plenos
Pazo do Hórreo
Santiago de Compostela
Galicia, Spain


The Parliament:


The Galician Parliament meets at the Pazo do Hórreo in the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela.


The 75 members of the Parliament of Galicia are elected in 4 multi-member districts using the D'Hondt method and a closed-list proportional representation for four-year terms. Each district is entitled to an initial minimum of 10 seats, with the remaining 35 seats being allocated among the four provinces in proportion to their populations. Only lists polling above 5% of the total vote in each district (which includes blank ballots—for none of the above) are entitled to enter the seat distribution.[1] However, in some districts there is a higher effective threshold at the constituency level, depending on the district magnitude.[2]

The most recent elections were held on 25 September 2016 with the People's Party of Galicia (PPdeG) remaining the largest party with 41 seats and In Tide (En Marea) and the Socialists' Party of Galicia (PSdeG–PSOE) won 14 seats each and are the joint second largest party.[3] The next election is expected to take place in 2020.[needs update]


The meeting chamber of the Parliament of Galicia

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