Common Turkic languages

Common Turkic, or Shaz Turkic, is a taxon in some classifications of the Turkic languages that includes all of them except the Oghuric languages.

Common Turkic
Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Asia, Central Asia, North Asia, East Asia
Linguistic classificationTurkic
  • Common Turkic
Common Turkic Languages distribution map.png
Map of the distribution of Common Turkic Languages across Eurasia


Lars Johanson's proposal contains the following subgroups:[1][2]

In that classification scheme, Common Turkic is opposed to Oghur Turkic (Lir-Turkic). The Common Turkic languages are characterized by sound correspondences such as Common Turkic š versus Oghuric l and Common Turkic z versus Oghuric r.

In other classification schemes (such as those of Alexander Samoylovich and Nikolay Baskakov), the breakdown is different.


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