Cochrane MRT station

The Cochrane station is a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) underground station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the MRT Kajang Line. The station was opened on 17 July 2017 as part of the second phase operations of the line.[1]

SBK Line Cochrane Station Ground Level 1.jpg
Exterior structure of the entrance to the underground station.
General information
LocationJalan Cochrane, Kuala Lumpur
Coordinates3°12′23″N 101°34′49″E / 3.20639°N 101.58028°E / 3.20639; 101.58028Coordinates: 3°12′23″N 101°34′49″E / 3.20639°N 101.58028°E / 3.20639; 101.58028
Owned byMRT Corp
Line(s)9 Kajang
Platforms1 island platform
Structure typeUnderground
ParkingNot available
Bicycle facilitiesNot available
Other information
Station code KG21 
Opened17 July 2017
Preceding station Rapid KL Logo.svg Following station
Tun Razak Exchange
towards Sungai Buloh
Kajang Line Maluri
towards Kajang

The station is located in the Cheras area of Kuala Lumpur adjacent to Cochrane Road, Peel Road and Shelley Road. It is also well known for being located near two large shopping complexes - MyTown Shopping Centre (housing Malaysia's second IKEA store) and Sunway Velocity Mall, with the former being connected to the station via an underground pedestrian linkway and the latter via an elevated pedestrian bridge.

The underground station is located in Cheras along Cochrane Road, Peel Road and Shelley Road. The location is part of an area previously occupied by quarters housing government servants.

Station LayoutEdit

Station LayoutEdit

The station has four underground levels, with three accessible to the public, namely the Upper Concourse Level, Lower Concourse Level and the Platform Level. One level housing the plant rooms is located between the Upper and Lower Concourse Levels, and is not accessible by the public. The ground level above the station is an open plaza with the station's two entrance buildings cum ventilation shafts as well as a skylight opening with a distinctive glass pyramid.

The theme chosen for the interior design of the station was "Urban Living" in recognition of the role the station will play in the redevelopment of the area.[2][3]

The following is the station layout of the station:[4]

G Street Level Entrances A and B, Taxi and E-hailing Layby, Feeder Bus Hub, MyTown Shopping Centre, IKEA Cheras, Pedestrian Overhead Bridge to Sunway Velocity
B1 MRT Upper Concourse Underground pedestrian linkway to MyTown Shopping Centre B1 level
B3 MRT Lower Concourse MRT Station Control, MRT Customer Service Office, Ticketing Machines, Fare gates, Entrance C
B4 MRT Platform Level Platform 1: 9 Kajang towards  SBK35  Kajang (→)
Island platform, doors will open on the right
Platform 2: 9 Kajang towards  KG04  Kwasa Damansara (←)

Exits and entrancesEdit

The station has two entrances. Entrance A is located at Cochrane Road, and Entrance B is located at Shelley Road. There is also an entrance at the upper concourse level in between two entrances which is under the glass pyramid which links to MyTown Shopping Centre and IKEA Cheras. There is a pedestrian overhead bridge which leads to Sunway Velocity Mall is accessible via Entrance B. The feeder bus serves at the feeder bus hub located at Entrance A.

Kajang Line station
Entrance Location Destination Picture
A Cochrane Road Feeder bus hub, Taxi and E-hailing Layby, Cochrane Road, MyTown Shopping Centre (Across Cochrane Road)  
B Shelley Road Peel Road, Sunway Velocity Mall (via elevated pedestrian bridge), Church of Sacred Heart, St. John Ambulance of Malaysia Headquarters.  
MyTown Linkway Under Cochrane Road MyTown Shopping Centre (B1 Floor), IKEA Cheras  
Sunway Velocity Linkway Shelley Road, Peel Road Sunway Velocity Mall (1st Floor)

(Accessible via Entrance B)



The Cochrane MRT station is named after Cochrane Road which in turn is named after C.W.H. Cochrane (1876 - 1932), the 17th British Resident of Perak and the Chief Secretary to the Government of the Federated Malay States from 1929 to 1930.

The station is partly located on the site of the former Cochrane Road government quarters. The quarters were demolished in 2010 and the area was earmarked for redevelopment. The MRT station was to become one of the catalysts for this redevelopment process and in recognition of this role, the theme for the interior design of the station that was chosen was "Urban Living".

Bus ServicesEdit

MRT Feeder Bus ServicesEdit

With the opening of the MRT Kajang Line, feeder buses also began operating linking the station with several housing and commercial areas around Bandar Tun Razak, Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz UKM (HCTM), Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Taman Midah, Taman Shamelin Perkasa and Pandan Perdana. The feeder buses operate from the station's feeder bus hub at Entrance A (Opposite to MyTown Shopping Centre).

The same feeder bus lines also serves the Maluri station but only acts as a pass-by only.

The  T400  feeder bus route serves almost similar alignment as  T402  which originates from  KG24  MRT Taman Midah station.

MRT Feeder Bus Services at MRT Cochrane Station
Route No. Origin Destination Via
 T352 [5] Taman Shamelin Perkasa  KG21  MRT Cochrane Jalan Perdana Utama

Pandan Perdana
Jalan Indah
Taman Cheras Indah
    Sungai Besi Expressway (Pandan Indah Link)
 AG14  LRT Pandan Jaya
PGRM Building
  Cheras Road
 KG22  AG13  MRT/LRT Maluri
Shelley Road
Cochrane Road
Circular Road (Jalan Tun Razak)

 T400 [6]  KG21  MRT Cochrane Bandar Tun Razak Circular Road (Jalan Tun Razak)

  Cheras Road
 KG22  AG13  MRT/LRT Maluri
Stadium Badminton Cheras
Jalan Yaacob Latif
Velodrom Kuala Lumpur
National University of Malaysia Medical Centre (PPUKM)
Taman Midah
Bandar Tun Razak
Jalan Budiman
Shelley Road

 T401 [7]  KG21  MRT Cochrane Bandar Sri Permaisuri Circular Road (Jalan Tun Razak)

  Cheras Road
 KG22  AG13  MRT/LRT Maluri
Cheras Badminton Stadium
Sri Sabah Flat
Jalan Ikan Emas
Jalan Sekilau
Sri Melaka Flat
Taman Sri Permaisuri
Bandar Sri Permaisuri
Jalan Jellawat 1
 SP12  LRT Cheras
Shelley Road

Other Bus ServicesEdit

The MRT Cochrane station also provides accessibility for some other bus services. The Go KL City Bus  GREY  is another bus route terminate in the station, provided by Kuala Lumpur City Hall

Other Bus Services at MRT Cochrane Station
Route No. Operator Origin Destination Via
 420 [8] Rapid KL Menara Maybank
( AG7  SP7  KJ13  LRT Masjid Jamek)
Pandan Indah Jalan Pudu ( AG10  SP10  LRT Pudu)

Pasar Road
Cochrane Road
 SBK21  MRT Cochrane / MyTown Shopping Centre
Jalan Perkasa 1
Pandan Jaya Flat
Pandan Perdana Flat
Taman Kencana
Pandan Indah
MPAJ Building
 AG16 LRT Cempaka



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