Climate Change and Air Management Coordination Board (Turkey)

The Climate Change and Air Management Coordination Board (Turkish: İklim Değişikliği ve Hava Yönetimi Koordinasyon Kurulu) is a government agency of the Republic of Turkey, responsible for coordinating policy against air pollution in Turkey and climate change in Turkey; board meetings are chaired by the Minister of Environment and Urban Planning.[1]

Climate Change and Air Management Coordination Board
İklim Değişikliği ve Hava Yönetimi Koordinasyon Kurulu
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Turkey

Climate changeEdit

In 2018 a report outlining carbon market policy options for Turkey was submitted to the board.[2]


Renewable energy reduces health costs in Turkey

As of 2019 the Health Ministry is not actively involved in the permitting of industrial facilities, such as coal-fired power stations, which cause deaths due to air pollution.[3]

Despite the Energy Ministry being represented on the board, in 2018 the European Commission criticised the lack of co-ordination between the climate change policy and energy policy of Turkey.[4] As of February 2019 energy policy still included mining more coal[5] and subsidizing coal-fired power stations.[6] As of 2022 the board's decisions are not binding.[7]

Although the Health and Agriculture Ministries coordinate with each other there is no formal agreement between Health and Energy or Transport as of 2022.[8]


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