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Cleveland City Council

Cleveland City Council is the legislative branch of the government of the City of Cleveland in Ohio. Its members are elected from 17 wards to four-year terms. The number of council members has decreased over the years. In 1885 there were 50 council members, by the 1960s there were 33, and in 1981 Cleveland voters approved reducing council to 21 members.[3]

Cleveland City Council
Cleveland City Council seal.jpg
Kevin Kelley, Democratic
since January 2014[1]
Majority Leader
Phyllis Cleveland, Democratic
since May 2009[2]
Political groups
Democratic (17)
Single-member districts
Last election
November 7, 2017
Next election
November 2, 2021
Meeting place
Cleveland City Hall.jpg
Cleveland City Hall
601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 220
Cleveland, OH 44114
Cleveland City Council Website

In November 2008, Cleveland voters passed a charter amendment linking the size of City Council to the city's population.[4] City Council approved a redistricting plan in March 2009[5] reducing the number of wards to 19[6] at the start of the 2010–2013 term. Thereafter, the number of wards will be tied to the population identified in the decennial United States Census.

Population decreases identified in the 2010 Census resulted in the elimination of two wards, reducing the number of members to 17. In March 2013, City Council approved new ward boundaries that went into effect in January 2014.[7] Council voted to amend the boundaries on April 17, 2013.[8]

The Cleveland City Council chambers are located in Cleveland City Hall, across the street from Public Auditorium.

City Council membersEdit

The members of Cleveland City Council (all of whom are Democrats) are listed below in the order of the ward they serve.[9]

Ward Name Position
1 Joe Jones
2 Kevin Bishop
3 Kerry McCormack
4 Ken Johnson
5 Phyllis Cleveland Majority Leader
6 Blaine Griffin[10]
7 Basheer Jones
8 Michael Polensek
9 Kevin Conwell
10 Anthony Hairston
11 Dona Brady
12 Tony Brancatelli
13 Kevin Kelley Council President[11]
14 Jasmin Santana
15 Matt Zone
16 Brian Kazy
17 Martin Keane

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