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Clarke Griffin is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic young adult science fiction novel series The 100 by Kass Morgan, and the television series of the same name on The CW. She is the lead character in both the novels and the television series, where she is portrayed by Eliza Taylor. She first appears in Morgan's first novel, The 100, and later in the pilot episode of the television series, as a prisoner on a space colony charged with treason. Clarke was one of the original hundred delinquents sent down to Earth to test if it was habitable again after a nuclear apocalypse destroyed it almost a century prior.

Clarke Griffin
* The 100 character
Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor).png
Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin in the television series The 100.
First appearance
  • Novel:
  • The 100 (2013)
  • Television:
  • "Pilot" (2014)
Last appearance
Created by
Portrayed byEliza Taylor
  • Prisoner 319
  • Wanheda ("Commander of Death")
  • Klark kom Skaikru ("Clarke of the Skypeople")
  • Fleimkepa ("Flamekeeper")
  • Co-leader of The 100 (formerly)
  • Medical student (formerly)
  • Dr. David Griffin (father)
  • Dr. Mary Griffin (mother)
  • Bellamy Blake (fiancé)

Madi Griffin (adoptive daughter)
Significant other




Clarke Griffin was born and raised in a space colony above Earth to Dr. David and Mary Griffin. She is a medical student who hopes to follow her parents' footsteps as a physician, taught by the Council's chief medical adviser Dr. Lahiri. She is also in a relationship with the colony's Chancellor's son, Wells Jaha. Clarke discovers that her parents are conducting illegal experiments on children under threat of the corrupt Vice Chancellor Rhodes. She confides in Wells, who despite swearing his secrecy, tells his father, hoping to save the Griffins from Rhodes. However, due to the lack of evidence of Rhodes' involvement, the Griffins are arrested, which also ends Clarke's relationship with Wells; Clarke assumes that her parents are executed following their arrest, leading her to hate Wells.

Two years later, the Colony decides to send one hundred of its teenage prisoners to investigate whether Earth is habitable. Among the one hundred are Clarke, Wells, Octavia Blake, her older brother Bellamy Blake, and Clarke's friend, Thalia. After arriving on Earth, Clarke and Bellamy become attracted to each other and eventually develop a romantic relationship while co-leading the 100 with Wells.

Eventually, someone sets fires to their camp, ultimately they discover that they are not alone on Earth. The 100 captured an Earth-born girl, Sasha Walgrove, and she reveals there are people from the Colony who arrived before the 100. Clarke eventually meets Sasha's father, Max, who is a leader of an underground colony underneath the ruins of Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center. Max reveals that he helped Clarke's parents two years ago, giving her hope that they are still alive. She also discovers that Wells and Bellamy are paternal half-brothers after Wells realizes that Bellamy is his father's secret son from a previous relationship.

After drop ships from the Colony arrive, Vice Chancellor Rhodes attempts to take control over the community Clarke built with Bellamy and Wells on Earth. With Sasha's help, Clarke, Wells, and Bellamy escape, but Sasha is killed when she tries to help Octavia. As Mount Weather's and Rhodes' forces battle, Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells are captured during the initial exchange, but their allies defeat and capture Rhodes before he can execute the trio.

During Sasha's funeral, Clarke reunites with her parents and reconciles with Wells, since her parents are actually alive, but will not resume their past relationship because she is now in love with Bellamy, whom she felt happier to be with than when she was with Wells. Later, Clarke and Bellamy lead a rescue effort to save members of their community who are kidnapped by cultists who call themselves the Protectors. After succeeding in their mission, Bellamy asks Clarke to marry him, which she accepts.



Clarke was born in the year of 2131 in October and raised on the Ark to Jake and Abigail Griffin. Before her imprisonment, Clarke's father discovered that the Ark space station was running out of oxygen, and had an estimated 6 months' worth left. He shared this information with Clarke and planned to reveal his findings with the larger community against the Chancellor's orders, only to have Abigail report him. He was later 'floated', a form of execution where one is ejected into space. Clarke, who was under the age of 18 and therefore not subject to capital punishment, was imprisoned for acting as his accomplice. Because of her status of prisoner she was considered to be expendable by the council and was volunteered by her mother to be sent down to Earth to test the air to see if it was livable again with 99 other delinquents, including Wells. Bellamy Blake acting as a guard, snuck onto the drop ship.


In the first season, Clarke and the other 99 delinquents are sent down in an exodus ship which crash lands after Earth's atmosphere cuts all communication and nearly fries the ship. After the ship lands Clarke soon realizes that they landed in the wrong location. They were originally aimed for the Mount Weather complex, a quarantine zone that had food and supplies, only to find out that they were dropped on the wrong mountain. After establishing a camping ground, Clark serves as a leader of her group with Bellamy, in addition as a medic due to having limited medical knowledge she gained from her mother.

In 2015, it was confirmed that, unlike in the novels, this iteration of Clarke is bisexual, making her the first lead character to be LGBT on The CW and making her the first bisexual lead on network television (in reference to the five major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW and Fox).[1][2][3]

In the third season, Clarke returns to take a leading role in the war against A.L.I.E., the AI that caused the nuclear apocalypse that destroyed the world. Clarke ends up losing Lexa while many of her family and friends fall under the AI's control. In the season finale, Clarke uses a transfusion of Nightblood from Ontari of the Grounders in order to take possession of a device known as the Flame, in reality the A.L.I.E. 2.0 AI, in order to face A.L.I.E. in the City of Light. With the help of the spirits of Lexa and A.L.I.E.'s creator Becca, manifesting through the Flame, Clarke confronts and destroys A.L.I.E. using her kill switch. However, A.L.I.E. reveals that her actions have been meant to save humanity from a second nuclear apocalypse caused by the nuclear power plants around the world beginning to melt down. Clarke nevertheless destroys the AI, but believes her warnings about the threat.

In the fourth season, Clarke attempts to save as many people as she can from the coming death wave as predicted by A.L.I.E. and confirmed by Raven Reyes. As part of this, Clarke allows herself to be the recipient of a bone marrow transplant as a test subject to see if Nightblood can be recreated. However, her mother stops the testing, fearing for Clarke's life and she is left unsure if she can survive the coming radiation or not. With 1,200 survivors in a massive fallout bunker, Clarke and several of her friends attempt to escape to the remains of the Ark in space as an alternate means of survival. Clarke remains behind to power up the Ark remotely, missing her chance to escape as the death wave arrives. Six years later, Clarke's Nightblood is revealed to have saved her from the death wave and she has adopted a young Nightblood named Madi, the only other survivor Clarke could find on the entire planet. As Clarke continues to attempt to communicate with her friends without success from Shallow Valley, the only inhabitable part of Earth left, a prison transport ship arrives.

In the fifth season, Clarke has to juggle dealing with the Eligius IV prisoners, raising Madi, the return of her friends who have changed and the war between Wonkru and the prisoners. With Madi becoming the new Commander after taking the Flame, Clarke kills McCreary, the leader of the prisoners, but not before he launches the Damocles bomb at Shallow Valley as an act of scorched earth. Everyone manages to escape to Eligius IV in orbit where it is determined that it will take at least ten years before the Earth is habitable again. Along with everyone else, Clarke enters cryo sleep, only to emerge with Bellamy 125 years later, greeted by Jordan, the son of Monty and Harper. From Monty's video logs, Clarke and Bellamy learn of their friend's life on the ship and how Earth ultimately remained completely uninhabitable leading Monty to direct the ship to a new habitable world. Looking out over their new home planet, Clarke expresses hope that they will get it right this time.


The character of Clarke Griffin has received extremely positive praise with some describing her as the "heart and drive" of the show.[4] Clarke was placed in BuzzFeed's "29 amazingly Badass Female characters of 2015[5] and third on Tell-Tale's 5 "TV Heroes Who Crushed It" in 2015.[6]


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