Civic Party of Montenegro

The Civic Party of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Građanska partija Crne Gore) was a minor liberal[1] political party in Montenegro.

Civic Party of Montenegro

Građanska partija Crne Gore
Грађанска партија Црне Горе
LeaderKrsto Pavićević (2002-06)
Collective (2006-10)
Montenegrin nationalism
Political positionCentre
ColoursBlue and yellow


In the 2006 parliamentary election in Montenegro, the party did not manage to win a seat in Montenegrin Parliament. The party and its leader were active in promoting Montenegro's independence prior to Montenegrin independence referendum, along with the DPS, SDP, DUA, LP and others.

After Civic Party's failure to gain any seats in Parliament in the 2006 parliamentary election, its leader Krsto Pavićević resigned from the position of the party's president, along with two vice presidents, Petar Bokan and Slobodan Medenica. Until the next party congress, Civic Party of Montenegro was led by the team of coordinators which consisted of its prominent members, Džoni Hodžić, Milorad Dapčević, Neđeljko Đurović and Davor Klasić. After its lack of electoral success at the 2010 local elections, the party ceased its further activity.

The party remained formally registered until December 2017, when it was formally deleted from the Register of Political Parties.[2]

Electoral resultsEdit

Parliamentary electionsEdit

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seats change Coalition Government
2002 167,166 48.0%
0 / 75
  ECG extra-parliamentary
2006 2,906 0.86%
0 / 81


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