Citizens' Party (Iceland, 1923)

The Citizens' Party (Icelandic: Borgaraflokkurinn) was a political party in Iceland.

Citizens' Party
LeaderJón Magnússon
Founded1923 (1923)
DissolvedFebruary 1924 (1924-02)
Split fromIndependence Party (historical)
Preceded byHome Rule Party
Succeeded byConservative Party (majority)
Liberal Party (minority)
Political positionCentre-right


The party was formed as a loose collective of conservative candidates for the 1923 elections,[1] including former members of the dissolved Home Rule Party, as well as the Independence Party.[2] It won the elections, taking 16 of the 28 seats in the Lower House and 7 of the 14 seats in the Upper House.[3] In February 1924 twenty of the party's MPs founded the Conservative Party, and the party was dissolved in the same year.[4] The three remaining MPs sat under the banner of the Independence Party, before forming the Liberal Party in 1927.[4]

A second Citizens' Party was established in 1987.


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