Circoli was an Italian language bimonthly literary magazine published in Genoa, Italy, between 1931 and 1936. It was described as one of the most distinguished European magazines in 1934.[1]

CategoriesLiterary magazine
FounderAdriano Grande
Year founded1931
Final issue1936
Based inGenoa

History and profileEdit

Circoli was started in Genoa in 1931.[2][3] Adriano Grande, an Italian poet, was the founder of the magazine,[2] which intended to be the successor of Solaria, a literary magazine published in Turin and Florentine.[3] Circoli was subtitled Rivista di Poesi (Poetry Magazine) and was published on a bimonthly basis.[1]

Grande was also the director of the magazine, which published translations of the work by international authors, among the others.[4][5] Attilio Bertolucci and Salvatore Quasimodo were some of the contributors to the magazine.[6] During its existence the magazine was supported by the press office.[5] In 1936 the magazine was closed down.[2]

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