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China South Industries Group

The China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation, also known as China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC, Chinese: 中国南方工业集团公司 or 中国兵器装备集团公司) is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, firearms, vehicle components, and optical-electronic products and other special products domestically and internationally. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Haidian District, Beijing. CSGC is the parent company of Changan Automobile.

China South Industries Group Corporation
Native name
Chinese: 中国兵器装备集团公司
State owned company
IndustryDefence, Automotive
FoundedJuly 1999; 20 years ago (1999-07)
Area served
Key people
Xu Ping (Chairman)[1]
ProductsMunitions, Firearms, Artillery, Explosive, Combat vehicle, Radar, Electro-optical devices, Commercial vehicles, Automobile parts
Number of employees
172,030 (December 2013)
China South Industries Group Corporation
Simplified Chinese中国南方工业公司
Traditional Chinese中國南方工業公司
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese中国兵器装备集团公司
Traditional Chinese中國兵器裝備集團公司


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