Chhinnamastar Abhishap

Chhinnamastar Abhishap (English title : The Curse of the Goddess) is a Bengali novel by Satyajit Ray featuring private detective Feluda. It was first serialized in Desh magazine in 1978, and then released in book form in 1981 by Ananda Publishers.

Chhinnamastar Abhishap
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Chhinamastar Abhishap book cover
AuthorSatyajit Ray
Cover artistSatyajit Ray
GenreDetective fiction
PublisherAnanda Publishers
Publication date
Media typePrint
Preceded byGorosthaney Sabdhan! 
Followed byHatyapuri 

Plot summaryEdit

Feluda and his two associates Topshe and Jatayu decide to visit Hazaribagh, a town situated in Jharkhand (erstwhile Bihar), India. On their way, they meet a middle aged gentleman who introduces himself as Preetindra Choudhury working in an electronics company. He has a hobby of recording the sounds of various birds. His car went out of order and requests a lift to Hazaribagh. Later it is known that Preetindra is the youngest son of an established retired advocate, Mahesh Choudhury.

On reaching Hazaribagh, they come to know that the tiger of the Great Majestic Circus, which was performing in the town, run away. Feluda and co. settle in the empty home of one of Feluda's former clients. The home is only a stone's throw away from Mahesh Choudhury's home. Feluda meets the owner of the circus company, Mr. Kutti as well as the first ring master of the fled away tiger. The ringmaster Karandikar blames appointment of a second ring master, Chandran behind tiger's escape. Preetindra invites Feluda and co. to their home on occasion of their father's birthday.

Next day, Feluda goes to Kailash, the home of Mahesh Choudhury and his entire household. His household consisted of his eldest son Arunendra Choudhury (who is a Kolkata-based businessman), his youngest son Preetindra Choudhury, his wife Neelima Devi and their daughter Bibi, his friend Akhil Burman Chakraborty, and Shankar Prasad Misra. Feluda also learns that his second son, Beerendra went away from his home many years ago. Shankar was the son of his watchman, Deendayal Misra. His watchman had died mysteriously many years ago. Mahesh babu took pity on Shankar and adopted him. Feluda also learns that Mahesh babu is fond of cryptic language. The entire Choudhury family goes for picnic to Rajrappa where Feluda and co. also accompany. At the picnic spot, Mahesh Choudhury mysteriously becomes unconscious and falls flat on the ground. He is taken to his home, where he shows some cryptic signs to Feluda. He later dies.

Feluda asks Arunendra to give him Mahesh babu's diaries and postcards sent to him by Beerendra. Feluda learns from those diaries that though Mahesh babu was very gentle during his old age, he was rather a very short-tempered man during his youth. Feluda tells Topshe and Jatayu that in the diary, Mahesh babu wanted to forget something by indulging in drinking. But he cannot figure out what it is. Later in the evening, Topshe and Jatayu go to the Great Majestic Circus, where Mr. Kutti tells them that Karandikar has disappeared from the circus last night. The duo then go out for a short trip outside Hazaribagh, where they spot Sultan, the escaped tiger. They inform Feluda who in turn informs the Forest department. Feluda informs them that Chandran tried to capture the tiger but the tiger injured him and escaped. Feluda tells them that Arunendra has also been gambling and goes to the horse races.

While taking a walk after dinner, they meet Shankar, who tells them to stop investigation. When Feluda tells him that he cannot stop the investigation because Mahesh babu has given him some work to do, Shankar hesitantly accepts. Feluda also learns from Shankar that Preetindra does not work in an electronics company. He is an ordinary man, who works in some local company. Feluda tells Topshe and Jatayu that Mahesh babu had a rare Gibbon's stamp catalogue which got stolen. Later in the night, someone tries to attack Feluda but he escapes.

Next morning, Feluda goes to Kailash to return the diaries and postcards, where Neelima Devi hands a tape recorder to Feluda. Feluda gets the news that the tiger has been caught. He goes to the site along with Topshe and Jatayu and sees that Karandikar has caught the tiger. Arunendra was also present there with a gun, in case the tiger does anything wrong. They come to Kailash, where Feluda tells Arunendra that Beerendra is actually present in Hazaribagh and that his father had seen him. Arunendra is surprised to hear this. Feluda tells him that during his youth, Mahesh babu had murdered his watchman, because the watchman had killed his favourite dog, an Irish terrier. Arunendra had seen him doing this, but he kept his mouth shut. So, when he saw that his father was going to change his will and that he was not going to be a part of it because of his gambling, Arunendra reminded Mahesh babu of his crime. Mahesh babu collapsed and died of a heart attack after hearing this. Feluda tells him that he had learnt all of this through the tape recorder given to him by Neelima Devi. Feluda also tells him that he had sent one of his servants, Jagat Singh, to attack him last night, and he was the one who had robbed the stamp catalogue.

Later, Shankar brings Karandikar with him. Feluda reveals that Karandikar is actually Beerendra Choudhury, the second son of Mahesh Choudhury. Feluda tells him that he never went to abroad. The postcards which he sent to his father was actually sent by Akhil's son, who works in abroad. Beerendra and Akhil's son were great friends. Feluda gives him a portrait, where he opens secret compartment and offers him some rare stamps. Feluda tells him that Mahesh babu had hidden some of his valuable stamps, because he feared that the catalogue may get stolen. On his deathbed, Mahesh babu instructed Feluda to give this portrait to Beerendra. When Beerendra politely refuses, Feluda tells him that he will sell the stamps and then send the money to Beerendra.


  • Pradosh Chandra Mitter aka. Feluda, the private investigator.
  • Tapesh Ranjan Mitter aka. Topshe, Feluda's young assistant and cousin.
  • Lalmohan Ganguly aka. Jatayu, the bumbling crime fiction writer.
  • Haripada Dutta, driver of Jatayu.
  • Mahesh Choudhury, the family patriarch.
  • Arunendra Choudhury, the eldest son of Mahesh Choudhury.
  • Beerendra Choudhry/Karandikar, the second son of Mahesh Choudhury and ringmaster of Great Majestic Circus.
  • Preetindra Choudhury, the youngest son of Mahesh Choudhury.
  • Neelima Devi, wife of Preetindra Choudhury.
  • Bibi, daughter of Neelima Devi and Preetindra.
  • Mr. Kutti, owner of Great Majestic Circus.
  • Chandran, the second trainer.
  • Noor Muhammad and Jagat SIngh, servants of Choudhury family.


Sunday Suspense adapted this novel in 2016, with Sabyasachi Chakraborty voicing Feluda, RJ Deep voicing Topshe, Jagannath Basu voicing Jatayu, and RJ Mir, RJ Somak, RJ Agni, and various other artists taking part in various roles.

A webseries named "Chinnomastar Obhishap" directed by Srijit Mukherjee is based on the same story.