Chew Moor railway station

Chew Moor railway station briefly served the village of Chew Moor, between Lostock and Westhoughton, England.

Chew Moor
LocationChew Moor, Lostock, Bolton
Coordinates53°33′43″N 2°30′30″W / 53.5620°N 2.5084°W / 53.5620; -2.5084Coordinates: 53°33′43″N 2°30′30″W / 53.5620°N 2.5084°W / 53.5620; -2.5084
Grid referenceSD664073
Platforms2 (probable)
Other information
Original companyLiverpool and Bury Railway
Key dates
20 November 1848Station opened
August 1852Station closed[1][2]


The station was opened in 1848 by the Liverpool and Bury Railway. In August 1852 the company opened Lostock Junction station less than a mile to the north, rendering Chew Moor surplus to requirements.[1]


Chew Moor station was situated immediately north of what is now the M61 overbridge across the line.[3][4]

By 2016, no trace of the station could be seen. The double tracks through the site were in use as part of the Manchester to Southport Line and were planned to be electrified.

Preceding station   Disused railways   Following station
Line and station open
  Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
Liverpool and Bury Railway
  Bolton Trinity Street
Line and station open


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