Cerro de las Mitras

The Cerro de las Mitras (Spanish for “Miter's Hill”), is a mountain and a protected area[1] in the Monterrey, San Pedro Garza García, Santa Catarina and García municipalities; state of Nuevo León, México. The mountain is part of the Sierra Madre Oriental, the summit reaches 2,058 MASL,[2] and has 1,303 meters of prominence,[3] the topographic isolation is about 14.48 km. The ridge is about 21 km long stretching east to west. The name comes from the resemblance of the peaks in the ridge with a bishop's mitre.[4]

Cerro de las Mitras
Cerro de las Mitras from Nido de Aguiluchos
Highest point
Elevation2,058 m
Prominence1,303 m (4,275 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
English translationMitres' Mount
Language of nameSpanish
LocationNuevo León, Mexico

The Cerro de las Mitras is a popular hiking destination despite its difficulty. Several quarries dedicated to the extraction of limestone to produce concrete operate in the mountain despite its protected area designation.

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