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Celebrity Home Entertainment (also known as simply Celebrity Video), founded by Noel C. Bloom in 1987, was a home video distributor specializing in mostly obscure material from around the world, as well as B-grade action films and softcore adult fare. They also distributed some material that was very popular at the time of its original release, including BraveStarr, Filmation's Ghostbusters, COPS and the 1987 G.I. Joe movie. It was formed after he left International Video Entertainment, which was sold off to Carolco Pictures in 1986.[1] In 1987, the company offered the rights to the Video Gems catalog for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, but the company had withdrawn the offer after a lawsuit last week.[2]

Celebrity Home Entertainment
FormerlyCelebrity Video
Celebrity Just For Kids
Celebrity Home Video
IndustryHome Video
United States
FounderNoel C. Bloom
FateReincorporated under Sterling Entertainment Group
HeadquartersUnited States
ProductsMedia distributed by Celebrity Home Entertainment
Total assetsUS$6.6million
OwnerSterling Entertainment Group (50%)
ParentSterling Entertainment Group (1999-2006)

They were perhaps best known (such as they were) for their "Just for Kids" imprint. This imprint offered child-oriented and/or animated material broadcast on television in the United States as well as English-language versions of foreign programming and original acquisitions. Among their most notable offerings were Japanese anime, such as the RAI/TMS joint productions Sherlock Hound and Tottoi (The Secret of the Seal). European productions distributed on this label included the French animated series Clémentine, the BBC's Postman Pat, Jannik Hastrup's Samson & Sally, Vuk (The Little Fox), Bibifoc (Seabert), and the Dutch-produced The Bluffers. Some Russian productions had also found release through the company, including The Adventures of Buratino (released as The All New Adventures of Pinocchio) and Maria, Mirabela (released as Maria & Marabella). At launch, other two labels were established by Celebrity, which are Feature Creatures, devoted to sci-fi fare and Let's Party, which was devoted to "upbeat, one-of-a-kind" titles.[3] At that time, some of former IVE and Media Home Entertainment employees have been defected to Celebrity.[4]

In addition to their animated offerings, the company licensed a share of Japanese tokusatsu productions (all dubbed by Sandy Frank), including five of the eight entries of Daiei's Gamera films from the Shōwa era.

However, most of these productions reflected the times, being edited to reflect U.S. broadcast standards. Further, some, though not all, TV series releases were edited into one or two compilation films (ex: the aforementioned Clémentine, plus Wee Wendy) (Tongari Boushi no Memoru). Some series were never even finished, and the videos themselves usually only contained selected episodes. The "Just for Kids" videos were hosted by Noel C. Bloom's son, Noel Bloom Jr.

Celebrity Home Entertainment filed for bankruptcy protection in 1991, and it closed down completely in 2001.[5] All of their releases are now out of print (although some can still be bought new), while some has been reprinted by other companies; for example, The All New Adventures of Pinocchio was re-released on VHS and DVD by Warner Home Video and The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin is currently distributed by Feature Films for Families.

Bloom's son, Noel Bloom Jr. made appearances in the beginning of every Celebrity Home Entertainment video, giving advice to the viewers on how to adjust the tracking on the TV. He also made appearances in giving introductions to the upcoming previews of the videos.

Media distributed by Celebrity Home EntertainmentEdit

Year Title Original Language Notes
1984-1985 Sherlock Hound Japanese
1992 Tottoi Japanese Released as The Secret of the Seal
1990 Clémentine French Released as Clementine's Enchanted Journey and Clementine: A Young Girl and Her Dreams
1981–1996 Postman Pat English
1984 Samson & Sally Danish
1981 Vuk Hungarian Released as The Little Fox
1985 Bibifoc French Released as Seabert
1986 The Bluffers Dutch
1959 The Adventures of Buratino Russian Released as The All New Adventures of Pinocchio
1981 Maria, Mirabela Romanian Released as The Magical Forest, Run time: 70 minutes
1983 Serendipity the Pink Dragon Japanese
1981 GoShogun Japanese Released as Macron 1
1986 Oliver Twist Unknown, None Run time: 60 minutes
1986-1990 Kissyfur English
1958-1962 Bozo: The World's Most Famous Clown English
1995 Happy Ness: Secret of the Loch English
1985-1986 It's Punky Brewster English
1984 Noozles Japanese
1985 Magical Princess Minky Momo: La Ronde in my Dream Japanese Released as Gigi and the Fountain of Youth
1979 Tondemo Nezumi Daikatsuyaku Japanese Released as The Legend of Manxmouse
1985-1986 Bumpety Boo Japanese
1977 Mattie the Goose-boy Hungarian Released as The Adventures of Matt the Gooseboy
1984 Jan zonder Vrees Dutch Released as The Heroic Adventures of John the Fearless
1987-1988 Ovide and the Gang English Winner of the prestigious Gemini Award for Best Animated Series
1983-1984 Mrs. Pepper Pot Japanese
1989 Rude Dog and the Dweebs English
1987-1988 Ox Tales Japanese
1987-1988 BraveStarr English
1997 Animaland English See David Hand
1983-1984 Dallos Japanese Released as Battle for Moon Station Dallos
1988 Les Misérables Unknown, None Run time: 60 minutes
1988 Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy Japanese Released as Defenders of the Vortex
1977 The Three Musketeers Unknown, None Run time: 85 minutes
1984 Gallavants English
1987 Maxie's World English
1987 The Adventures of Candy Claus English Run time: 30 minutes
1988-1989 COPS English
1988 The Phantom of the Opera Unknown, None Run time: 60 minutes
1988-1989 Bobobobs Spanish
1983 Die Zugmaus German Released as Train Mice; run time: 40 minutes
1967-1999 Asterix French
1987 Beverly Hills Teens English
1995 The Ketchup Vampires Hungarian Run time: 90 minutes
1987 Katy, Kiki y Koko Spanish Released as Katy and the Katerpillar Kids
1986 Lazer Tag Academy English
1988 David and Sandy Polish Released as David and the Magic Pearl
1982 Arcadia of My Youth Japanese Released as Vengeance of the Space Pirate
1989 Ben-Hur English Run time: 60 minutes
1986 The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin Russian, Japanese Released as The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin
1985 The Wild Swans Unknown, None Released as Swans
1984-1985 The Dagger of Kamui Japanese Released as Revenge of the Ninja Warrior
1974 The Toothbrush Family English
1986-1988 Foofur English
1987 Hitomi no Naka no Shounen: Juugo Shounen Hyouryuuki Japanese Released as The Story of 15 Boys
1988-1989 Wowser Japanese
1989 The Human Race Club English Based on the series by Joy Berry
1965 Gamera Japanese
1966 Gamera vs. Barugon Japanese
1967 Gamera vs. Gaos Japanese
1969 Gamera vs. Guiron Japanese
1971 Gamera vs. Zigra Japanese
1986 Filmation's Ghostbusters English
1986-1990 Janoschs Traumstunde German Released as Janosch and The Big Fat Fabulous Bear
1980 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Japanese Released as The All New Adventures of Tom Sawyer
1991 Tickle Tune Typhoon English Run time: 50 minutes
1985-1986 Lollipop Dragon Hungarian
1984-1985 Little Memole Japanese Released as Wee Wendy
1989 The BFG English
1987 G.I. Joe: The Movie English
1986 Čudesna šuma Croatian Released as The Elm-Chanted Forest
1988 In der Arche ist der Wurm drin German Released as Stowaways on the Ark
1982 Techno Police 21C Japanese Released as Techno Police
1980-1981 Space Warrior Baldios Japanese Released as Space Warriors: Battle for Earth Station S/1
1984 Locke the Superman Japanese Released as Locke the Superpower
1977 Alice, Sweet Alice English
1987 Chippendales English
1976 Kyōryū Tankentai Born Free Japanese Released as Return of the Dinosaurs
1977 Kyōryū Daisenso Aizenborg Japanese Released as Attack of the Super Monsters
1984 Macross: Do You Remember Love? Japanese Released as Clash of the Bionoids
1985 Fairy Florence Japanese Released as A Journey Through Fairyland
1980 Phoenix 2772 Japanese Released as Space Firebird
1988 Az erdö kapitánya Hungarian Released as Captain of the Forest
1994 The Tin Soldier English Narrated by Sally Struthers
1993 E.Y.E.S. of Mars Japanese Run time: 80 minutes
1988 Oliver Twist Unknown
1989 The Poddington Peas English
1998-1999 Ketchup: Cats Who Cook Japanese, English Released as Ketchup Cafe
1998 Jungle Jamboree English Winner of the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence
1957 The Snow Queen Russian 1993 English dub
1989 Charles Dickens' Ghost Stories From the Pickwick Papers Unknown, None Run time: 60 minutes
1989 Star Street: The Adventures of the Star Kids Dutch
1980 Nodoka Mori no Doubutsu Daisakusen Japanese Released as Back to the Forest
1994 For Better or For Worse English Released as For Better or For Worse - The Family Album
1986 Here We Go Again! English Narrated by Lynn Redgrave
1986 Velká Sýrová Loupez Czech Released as The Great Cheese Conspiracy
1987 Strit og Stumme Danish Released as Dreaming of Paradise
1987 Dragonslayer Quark Danish Released as Quark the Dragon Slayer
1987 Saru No Gundan Japanese Released as Time of the Apes
1986 Star Wolf Japanese Released as Fugitive Alien
1986 Evil Laugh English

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