Cathedral of Our Lady, Tromsø

The Cathedral of Our Lady[1] (Norwegian: Vår Frue domkirke) Also Church of Our Lady[2] Is the Catholic cathedral of the city of Tromsø, Norway,[3] and seat of the prelature of the same name. It is the Catholic cathedral (and Christian in general) that is located further north in the world. It is located on the Erling Bangsunds square.

Cathedral of Our Lady
Vår Frue domkirke
Our Lady of Tromsoe Norway.JPG
Country Norway
DenominationRoman Catholic Church


It is a small wooden church with room for about 150 seats. It was begun the same year as the Lutheran Cathedral of the city, in 1861 and shares with it the neogothic artistic style. It also has three small towers on the main facade and a larger tower over the choir. While the exterior has remained virtually unchanged since 1861, the interior has been modified on more than one occasion; Now the interior is simple and painted in light colors, as was the wish of Bishop Gerhard Goebel, vicar of Tromsø in the 1970s.

Next to the church is the parochial house, which was until 1967 the Catholic school of Tromsø. Currently there are celebrations and social gatherings of the Catholic community. In the square known as Stortorget is the episcopal house, an empire style building from 1832, where Pope John Paul II spent the night during his visit to Tromsø in June 1989.

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