Category:Wikipedians interested in chess

This category contains the user pages of Wikipedia editors who are interested in Chess.

To add your user page to this category, use any of the following userboxes:

{{User Chess}}
Chess kdt45.svgThis user plays chess.
{{User chess title}}
Chess kdt45.svgThis user is a rated chess player.
{{ User LiChess}}
Chess nlt45.svgThis user is a member of
{{User LiChess1}}
Chess nlt45.svgThis user plays on as {{{1}}} .
{{ User}}
Chess tile kd.pngThis user is a member of
{{User rating}}
Chess tile kd.pngThis user's {{{GameType}}} rating is {{{rating}}}.

To add your user page to this category without a userbox, copy and paste the following code:

[[Category:Wikipedians interested in chess]]

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