Thessaloniki White tower.jpg Macedonia:Our name is our soul

Flag of Greece.svg “… I am Greek and proud of it, I know my roots
my Greek soul always lives free….”
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Flag of Greek Macedonia.png Macedonia is also part of Greece
Stravon - the great geographer of 1st century B.C.
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elΜητρική γλώσσα αυτού του χρήστη είναι η ελληνική.
pntΑτός ο χρήστες καλατσέβ σκυρά Ποντιακά. / This user is a native speaker of Pontic Greek.
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sh-2Korisnik osrednje govori srpskohrvatski.
Корисник средње говори хрватскосрпски.
sr-2Овај корисник осредње говори српски језик.
hr-2Ovaj suradnik osrednje govori hrvatski jezik.
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pt-2Este usuário/utilizador pode contribuir com um nível médio de português.
ru-1Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
lt-1Šis vartotojas gali prisidėti prie projekto pradedančio lygio lietuvių kalba.
bs-1Ovaj korisnik poznaje osnove bosanskog jezika.
pl-1Ten użytkownik posługuje się językiem polskim na poziomie podstawowym.
tr-1Bu kullanıcı Türkçeyi düşük düzeyde anlıyor.
A campaign bumper sticker. *The text says: "We can everything - apart from German" Flag of Germany.svg This is an allusion to many inhabitants of Baden-Württemberg Grosses Landeswappen Baden-Württemberg.png being dialect speakers (Alemannic/Aleman., Swabian/Schwäbisch).
My stress level

We are the Champions my friends
Football-Euro 2004:

GREECE Champions
Olympic Games (birthplace) 2004:

GREECE -"the best Olympic Games"
Basketball-Euro 1987 & 2005 :

GREECE Champions
Eurovision 2005:

GREECE Champions
Global Sex survey 2005:

GREECE Champions
Flag of the Greek Orthodox Church.svg
Earth - The Greek world

Pap o Makedon (Παπ o Μακεδών) Flag of Europe.svgEdit

Nacionality: Greek Flag of Greece.svg ( Macedonian Flag of Greek Macedonia.svg, Pontian ) & European Flag of Europe.svg
Religion: Greek Christian Greek Orthodox Flag of the Greek Orthodox Church.svg
Date of Birth: 1981
Hometown: Macedonia Έμβλημα φρεγάτας ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ F-458.jpg - Greece Coat of arms of Greece.svg & Baden-Württemberg Grosses Landeswappen Baden-Württemberg.png Germany Coat of arms of Germany.svg
favorite places: Macedonia, Pontus, Greece & Germany Flag of Germany (state).svg
favorite team: AEK Athens FC
Mad scientist.svg Asteraki ° says: I think Wikipedia is not a place for happy people. But: