Carnate derailment

The Carnate derailment occurred in Lombardy, Italy on 19 August 2020 when a passenger train ran away from Paderno-Robbiate station [it] and was derailed at Carnate-Usmate station.

Carnate derailment
Trenord at Colico.JPG
A similar low-floor train with control car, and Class E.464 locomotive at end.
Date19 August 2020 (2020-08-19)
LocationPaderno-Robbiate station[it] (runaway)
Carnate-Usmate station (derailment)
Coordinates45°39′11″N 9°22′30″E / 45.65306°N 9.37500°E / 45.65306; 9.37500Coordinates: 45°39′11″N 9°22′30″E / 45.65306°N 9.37500°E / 45.65306; 9.37500
LineSeregno–Bergamo railway
OperatorTrenord (train)
RFI (line)
Incident typeRunaway and derailment
CauseUnder investigation


The train was reported to have run away from Paderno d'Adda without crew, and with a passenger detected after the derailment.[1] The train was to operate a Paderno d'Adda-Milan service about 25 minutes after the start of the runaway from Paderno d'Adda, which took place about 15 minutes after its arrival from Milan;[2] it included a Class E.464 locomotive (in the rear position), six carriages and a control car.

After travelling for 7 kilometres (4.3 mi),[3] the train was diverted into a siding at Carnate-Usmate station.[4] The control car and the first three carriages of the train derailed.[2] Three people were injured (the passenger, and the 2 crew members while trying to get on the runaway train in Paderno d'Adda); they all suffered minor injuries, and the passenger was taken to the hospital for checks.[5]

The driver and conductor of the train were suspended from duty after the accident.[6]


An investigation was opened into the accident.[5] The Polfer [it] is responsible for investigating railway accidents in Italy. The train event recorder was recovered from the E.464 and handed over to investigators.[6]


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