Cannabidiolic acid synthase

Cannabidiolic acid synthase (EC, CBDA synthase) is an enzyme with systematic name cannabigerolate:oxygen oxidoreductase (cyclizing, cannabidiolate-forming).[1][2] It is an oxidoreductase found in Cannabis sativa that catalyses the formation of cannabidiolate, a carboxylated precursor of cannabidiol.[2]

Cannabidiolic acid synthase
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Enzyme structure edit

Cannabidiolic acid synthase consists of a single protein with a molecular mass of 74 kDa.[1] Its amino acid sequence is partly (40-50%) homologous to several other oxidoreductases,[2] such as berberine bridge enzyme in Eschscholzia californica[3] and Nectarin V in Nicotiana langsdorffii X N. sanderae.[4]

CBDA synthase has four binding sites; two for FAD and two for the substrate.[5]

Enzyme function edit

Cannabidiolic acid synthase catalyses the production of cannabidiolate predominantly from cannabigerolate by stereospecific oxidative cyclization of the geranyl group of cannabigerolic acid[2] according to the following chemical reaction:

cannabigerolate + O2cannabidiolate + H2O2

Cannabinerolate can also be used as a substrate, but with lower efficiency (KM=0.137 mM) than cannabigerolate (KM=0.206 mM). It covalently binds FAD, and does require coenzymes & molecular oxygen for the oxidocyclization reaction.[1]

The optimum pH for CBDA synthase is 5.0.[2]

References edit

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