Callan (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

Callan was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons until 1800. It was established by royal charter in 1585, apparently at the request of Thomas Butler, 10th Earl of Ormond. He was a cousin of Elizabeth I on her mother's side, and one of the few Irish leaders in whom she had complete trust. It was very much a Butler "family borough", whose seats were held by families like the Comerfords, who were Butler clients.

Former borough constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created1264 (1264)
Replaced byDisenfranchised


In the Patriot Parliament of 1689 summoned by King James II, Callan was represented with two members.[1]

Members of Parliament, 1585–1801Edit

  • 1585 Gerald Comerford and Edward Brennan [2]
  • 1613–1615 Pierce Hayden and William Rothe (died and replaced by Richard Forrestal) [2]
  • 1634–1635 Edward Comerford and Lord Maltravers[3]
  • 1639–1649 Edward Comerford and Sir Thomas Wharton (resigned and replaced 1640 by Richard Belling (expelled 1642))[3]
  • 1661–1666 John Campbell and Henry Baker (Baker died and replaced 1662 by Matthew Harrison)[3]


Election First member First party Second member Second party
1689 Patriot Parliament Walter Butler Thady Meagher
1692 Samuel Booth Sir Henry Wemys
1703 Francis Flood[note 1] Silvester Crosse
1705 John Pacey
1713 Francis Flood
1715 James Agar
1727 Warden Flood Henry Wemys
1751 James Wemys
1761 James Agar[note 2] Patrick Wemys[note 2]
1762 Henry Flood[note 3] Irish Patriot Party James Wemys
1765 Jocelyn Flood
1767 John Flood
1776 Hercules Langrishe[note 3]
June 1776 Pierce Butler George Agar
1783 John Bourke O'Flaherty
1790 William Meeke Nathaniel Warren
March 1796 Hon. Francis James Mathew
November 1796 Charles Kendal Bushe
1798 Patrick Welch
1799 James Savage
1801 Disenfranchised


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