Cadet Records was an American record label that began as Argo Records in 1955 as the jazz subsidiary of Chess Records. Argo changed its name in 1965 to Cadet to avoid confusion with the similarly named label in the UK.[1] Cadet stopped releasing records around 1974, when its artists were moved to Chess.

Cadet Records
Parent companyChess Records
Founded1955 (1955)
Defunct1974 (1974)
GenreJazz, blues, rock
Country of originU.S.

There was also Cadet Concept Records, for rock and more adventurous music, such as the Rotary Connection, and the experimental psychedelic Electric Mud album by Muddy Waters. The label had a Top 20 hit in 1968 with the single "Pictures of Matchstick Men" by the British band Status Quo through a licensing arrangent with Pye Records in London. A St. Louis band known as The Truth a.k.a. The Acid Sette were signed and recorded for this label under the guidance of Abner Spector.

The masters are now owned by Universal Music.

Discography (1965-1975) edit

Continuation of the Argo 600 Jazz Series edit

Cadet was established in 1965 following a name change of the Argo label. When the name was changed, a new logo of a chessman's horse was introduced to replace the previous chess piece logo.[2] Cadet continued the Argo 600 Jazz series and the 4000 Blues series.[3]

Catalog number Title Artist
LPS-628 But Not For Me Ahmad Jamal Trio
LPS-637 Jug Turn From Overbrook James Moody
LPS-646 Jamal At The Penthouse Ahmad Jamal
LPS-679 Moody With Strings James Moody
LPS-687 Sound Of Christmas Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-693 Sound Of Spring Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-722 The Message Illinois Jacquet
LPS-723 Barefoot Sunday Blues Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-741 At The Bohemian Caverns Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-745 More Sounds Of Christmas Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-754 Spectrum Illinois Jacquet
LPS-755 Choice! The Best of the Ramsey Lewis Trio Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-756 Cookin' the Blues James Moody
LPS-757 The In Crowd Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-758 Extensions Ahmad Jamal
LPS-759 Musty Rusty Lou Donaldson
LPS-760 Inter-Action Sonny Stitt and Zoot Sims
LPS-761 Hang On Ramsey! Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-762 The Knack The Interpreters
LPS-763 Smoking with Willis Willis Jackson
LPS-764 Rhapsody Ahmad Jamal with Strings
LPS-765 The Wailer Sonny Cox
LPS-766 Playin' for Keeps Bunky Green
LPS-767 Gotta Travel On Ray Bryant Trio
LPS-768 Rough House Blues Lou Donaldson
LPS-769 Man at Work - Reissue of Argo LP-655 Kenny Burrell
LPS-770 Soul in the Night Sonny Stitt and Bunky Green
LPS-771 Swingin' - Reissue of Argo LP-611. Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-772 The Tender Gender Kenny Burrell
LPS-773 Go Power! Illinois Jacquet
LPS-774 Wade in the Water Ramsey Lewis
LPS-775 Raising the Roof Odell Brown and the Organ-izers
LPS-776 Paint It Black The Soulful Strings
LPS-777 Heat Wave Ahmad Jamal
LPS-778 Lonesome Traveler Ray Bryant
LPS-779 Have Yourself a Soulful Little Christmas Kenny Burrell
LPS-780 The Latinization of Bunky Green Bunky Green
LPS-781 Slow Freight Ray Bryant
LPS-782 The Movie Album Ramsey Lewis
LPS-783 Gene Ammons Makes it Happen - Reissue Of Chess LP 1442 Gene Ammons
LPS-784 Mood to Be Wooed Various Artists
LPS-785 Jug and Sonny - Edited Reissue Of Chess LP 1445 Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt
LPS-786 Standard Eyes Ahmad Jamal
LPS-787 Goin' Down Home Don Patterson
LPS-788 Mellow Yellow Odell Brown and the Organ-izers
LPS-789 Blowing in the Wind Lou Donaldson
LPS-790 Goin' Latin Ramsey Lewis
LPS-791 Feature Spot Eldee Young and Red Holt
LPS-792 Cry Young Ahmad Jamal with Voices
LPS-793 The Ray Bryant Touch Ray Bryant
LPS-794 Dancing in the Street Ramsey Lewis
LPS-795 Ain't Doing Too B-A-D, Bad Bobby Bryant
LPS-796 Groovin' with the Soulful Strings The Soulful Strings
LPS-797 Involvement John Klemmer Quartet
LPS-798 Ode to 52nd Street Kenny Burrell
LPS-799 Up Pops Ramsey Lewis Ramsey Lewis
LPS-800 Ducky Odell Brown and the Organ-izers
LPS-801 Take a Bryant Step Ray Bryant
LPS-802 Tell Mama Etta James
LPS-803 Out of Different Bags Marlena Shaw
LPS-804 There Is The Dells
LPS-805 Another Exposure The Soulful Strings
LPS-806 Brand New Morning Frank D'Rone
LPS-807 The Bright, the Blue and the Beautiful Ahmad Jamal with Voices
LPS-808 And We Were Lovers John Klemmer Quartet with Strings
LPS-809 Afro-Harping Dorothy Ashby
LPS-810 Her Point of View Clea Bradford
LPS-811 Maiden Voyage Ramsey Lewis
LPS-812 The Natural Thing Brother Jack McDuff
LPS-813 The Peace-Maker Harold Land Quintet
LPS-814 The Magic of Christmas The Soulful Strings
LPS-815 Lou Donaldson at His Best Lou Donaldson
LPS-816 Yusef Lateef - Reissue of Argo LP 634 Yusef Lateef
LPS-817 Getting Our Thing Together Brother Jack McDuff
LPS-818 Up Above the Rock Ray Bryant
LPS-819 Light My Fire Woody Herman
LPS-820 Back By Demand: The Soulful Strings in Concert The Soulful Strings
LPS-821 Mother Nature's Son Ramsey Lewis
LPS-822 The Dells Musical Menu: Always Together The Dells
LPS-823 Odell Brown Plays Otis Redding Odell Brown
LPS-824 The Dells' Greatest Hits The Dells
LPS-825 Dorothy's Harp Dorothy Ashby
LPS-826 Upchurch Phil Upchurch
LPS-827 Another Voyage Ramsey Lewis Trio
LPS-828 The Third Cup The Eddie Fisher Quintet
LPS-829 Love Is Blue The Dells
LPS-830 Sound Ray Ray Bryant
LPS-831 Gin and Orange Brother Jack McDuff
LPS-832 Etta James Sings Funk Etta James
LPS-833 The Spice Of Life Marlena Shaw
LPS-834 String Fever The Soulful Strings
LPS-835 Heavy Exposure Woody Herman
LPS-836 The Piano Player Ramsey Lewis
LPS-837 Like It Is, Like It Was The Dells
LPS-838 Free Delivery Odell Brown
LPS-839 The Best of Ramsey Lewis Ramsey Lewis
LPS-840 The Way I Feel Phil Upchurch
LPS-841 The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby Dorothy Ashby
LPS-842 Fried Buzzard Lou Donaldson
LPS-843 S.O.B. Shades of Brown
LPS-844 Them Changes Ramsey Lewis
LPS-845 Woody Woody Herman
LPS-846 Soulful Strings Play Gamble and Huff The Soulful Strings
LPS-847 Losers Weepers Etta James
LPS-848 Eddie Fisher & the Next Hundred Years Eddie Fisher

Continuation of the Argo 4000 Blues Series edit

Catalog number Title Artist
LPS-4025 Top Ten Etta James
LPS-4036 The Three Souls Dangerous Dan Express
LPS-4046 Bob Hope on the Road to Vietnam Bob Hope
LPS-4047 Jammin' with the Windjammers The Windjammers
LPS-4048 Feeling Good Jean DuShon
LPS-4049 Tough! Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers
LPS-4050 Fred Wacker Big Band Swings Cool Fred Wacker Big Band
LPS-4051 The Blues, Volume 5 Various Artists
LPS-4052 I'm So Good That I Don't Have to Brag! Shel Silverstein
LPS-4053 Weary Traveler King Fleming
LPS-4054 Drain My Brain Shel Silverstein
LPS-4055 Call My Name Etta James
LPS-4056 I Cried for You Johnny Watson
LPS-4057 Carryin' On Milt Trenier and Micki Lynn
LPS-4058 Fighting Back Greig McRitchie Band

Cadet Concept edit

Cadet Concept was established by Marshall Chess in 1967 with the first album by Rotary Connection and issued five albums by the group out of the 18 albums released on the label up until 1970 as well as featuring British band Status Quo, saxophonist John Klemmer and blues legends Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf.[4]

Catalog No. Album Artist
LPS-312 Rotary Connection Rotary Connection
LPS-314 Electric Mud Muddy Waters
LPS-315 Messages from the Status Quo Status Quo
LPS-316 Salloom, Sinclair and the Mother Bear Salloom & Sinclair
LPS-317 Aladdin Rotary Connection
LPS-318 Peace Rotary Connection
LPS-319 The Howlin' Wolf Album Howlin' Wolf
LPS-320 After the Rain Muddy Waters
LPS-321 Blowin' Gold John Klemmer
LPS-322 Songs Rotary Connection
LPS-323 In Due Time... Aesop's Fables
LPS-325 What I Did on My Vacation Joel Vance
LPS-326 All the Children Cried John Klemmer
LPS-327 Salloom and Sinclair Salloom & Sinclair
LPS-328 Dinner Music Rotary Connection
LPS-329 Archie Whitewater Archie Whitewater
LPS-330 Eruptions John Klemmer
LPS-331 Aesop's Fables Aesop's Fables

GRT consolidated Chess/Cadet album discography (1971-1975) edit

Following the death of Leonard Chess in 1971, Chess Records was purchased by General Recorded Tape, GRT Records, which consolidated both the Chess and Cadet labels into a single labeling number sequence and used the artists and labels until 1975.[5]

Catalog number Title Artist
Chess CH-50001 Another Dimension Bo Diddley
Chess CH-50002 Message to the Young Howlin' Wolf
Cadet CA-50004 Freedom Means The Dells
Cadet CH-50005 Great Female Soul Vocalists Various Artists
Cadet Concept CC-50006 Hey Love The New Rotary Connection
Cadet CA-50007 Occasional Rain Terry Callier
Chess CH-50008 San Francisco Dues Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-50009 Mystical Lady Shirley Scott
Cadet Concept CC-50010 Oh What a Lovely War Colonel Bagshot
Cadet CA-50011 Swahili Strut Bobby Bryant Sextet
Chess CH-50012 Live at Mr. Kelly's Muddy Waters
Chess CH-50013 Greatest Hits Little Milton
Chess CH-50014 Power and Light Power & Light
Chess CH-50015 Live and Cookin' Howlin' Wolf
Chess CH-50016 Where it All Began Bo Diddley
Cadet CA-50017 The Dells Sing Dionne Warwick's Greatest Hits The Dells
Chess CH-50018 Basic Soul Koko Taylor
Cadet CA-50019 What Color Is Love Terry Callier
Cadet CA-50020 The Groover Ramsey Lewis
Cadet CA-50021 Sweet as Funk Can Be The Dells
Cadet 2CA-50022 The Best of the Soulful Strings The Soulful Strings
Chess CH-50023 Can't Get No Grindin' Muddy Waters
Cadet CA-50024 Check This Out Jack McDuff
Cadet CA-50025 Lean on Me Shirley Scott
Cadet CA-50026 Mr. Bojangles Sonny Stitt
Chess 2CH-50027 This Is My Story Sonny Boy Williamson
Chess CH-50029 The London Bo Diddley Sessions Bo Diddley
Chess 2CH-50030 The Golden Age of Rhythm and Blues Various Artists
Chess CH-50031 Love More Than Pride Laura Lee
Chess CH-50032 Ghettos of the Mind Bama the Village Poet
Chess 2CH-50033 Fathers and Sons Muddy Waters
Cadet CA-50034 Teardrops in the Rain Johnny Nash
Cadet 2CA-50035 Inspiration Ahmad Jamal
Cadet CA-50036 Superstition Shirley Scott
Cadet CA-50037 Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation The Dells
Cadet 2CA-50038 It Was a Very Good Year Ray Bryant
Cadet 2CA-50039 I Cover the Waterfront Sonny Stitt
Chess CH-50040 Come and Get Me Kim Tolliver
Cadet CA-50041 I Just Can't Help Myself Terry Callier
Chess CH-50042 Etta James a.k.a. Only a Fool Etta James
Chess CH-50043 Bio Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-50044 Songs for Ageing Children Dave Van Ronk
Chess CH-50045 The Back Door Wolf Howlin' Wolf
Cadet CA-50046 The Dells The Dells
Chess CH-50047 Big Bad Bo Bo Diddley
Cadet CA-50048 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Jimmy Ponder
Cadet CA-50049 Atlantis Daniel Salinas
Cadet CA-50051 The Fourth Dimension Jack McDuff
Cadet CA-50052 In the Cut Ray Bryant
Chess CH-50053 You Can All Join In The Violinaires
Cadet 2CA-50058 Solid Ivory Ramsey Lewis
Cadet CH-50059 Cross My Heart Billy Stewart
Cadet CA-50060 Satan Sonny Stitt
Chess 2CH-60000 Laugh Time Moms Mabley and Pigmeat Markham
Cadet CA-60001 Back to the Roots Ramsey Lewis
Cadet 2CA-60002 Charlie Parker Memorial Concert Various Artists
Cadet 2CA-60003 Rock Bottom Various Artists
Chess 2CH-60004 Peaches Etta James
Chess 2CH-60005 Got My Own Bag of Tricks Bo Diddley
Chess 2CH-60006 McKinley Morganfield A.K.A. Muddy Waters Muddy Waters
Cadet 2CA-60007 Ha' Mercy Lou Donaldson
Chess CH-60008 The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions Howlin' Wolf
Chess 2CH-60009 Moms and Pigmeat Moms Mabley and Pigmeat Markham
Cadet 2CA-60010 Everything 'Bout Sax and Flute James Moody
Chess 2CH-60011 Mad Man's Blues John Lee Hooker
Chess 2CH-60012 Chicago Blues Anthology Various Artists
Chess CH-60013 The London Muddy Waters Sessions Muddy Waters
Chess 2CH-60014 Boss Blues Harmonica Little Walter
Chess 2CH-60015 Blues Rock Cookbook: Montreux Festival Various Artists
Chess 2CH-60016 Chester Burnette A.K.A. Howlin' Wolf Howlin' Wolf
Cadet 2CA-60017 The Heatin' System Jack McDuff
Cadet 2CA-60018 Inside Ramsey Lewis
Cadet 2CA-60019 Cool Cookin' Kenny Burrell
Chess CH-60020 The London Chuck Berry Sessions Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-60021 12 X 6 The Hard Way Various Artists
Cadet CA-60022 12 X 6 The Easy Way Various Artists
Chess 2CH-60023 Chuck Berry's Golden Decade Volume 2 Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-60024 12 X 6 Volume 3 Various Artists
Cadet CA-60025 12 X 6 Volume 4 Various Artists
Chess 2CH-60026 London Revisited Howlin' Wolf / Muddy Waters
Cadet CA-60027 The Dells vs. The Dramatics The Dells / The Dramatics
Chess 2CH-60028 Chuck Berry's Golden Decade, Volume 3 Chuck Berry
Chess CH-60029 Come a Little Closer Etta James
Cadet CA-60030 The Mighty, Mighty Dells The Dells
Chess CH-60031 "Unk" in Funk Muddy Waters
Chess CH-60032 Chuck Berry Chuck Berry
Cadet CA-60033 Got to Get Your Own Reuben Wilson
Chess CH-60034 American Gypsy American Gypsy
Chess CH-60035 The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album Muddy Waters
Chess CH-60036 The Dells Greatest Hits, Volume 2 The Dells
Chess CH-60037 Black Caucus Concert Various Artists
Cadet 2CA-60038 Early Visions Gene Ammons
Cadet CA-60039 Magnetic Feel Jack McDuff
Cadet CA-60040 Never Can Say Goodbye Sonny Stitt
Chess CH-60042 Music to Make Love By Solomon Burke
Cadet CA-60044 We Got to Get Our Thing Together The Dells

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