CS Axiopolis Cernavodă

Clubul Sportiv Axiopolis Cernavodă, commonly known as Axiopolis Cernavodă, or simply as Axiopolis, is a Romanian football club based in Cernavodă, Constanța County, currently playing in the Liga III.

Axiopolis Cernavodă
CSA Axiopolis Cernavodă logo.png
Full nameClubul Sportiv
Axiopolis Cernavodă
  • Cernăvodenii
    (The People from Cernavodă)
  • Galben-Albaștrii
    (The Yellow and Blues)
  • Gruparea de la Dunăre
    (The Team near the Danube)
  • Șoimii (The Falcons)
Short nameAxiopolis
Founded1927; 96 years ago (1927)
as Mercur Cernavodă
1949; 74 years ago (1949)
as Dunărea Cernavodă
2001; 22 years ago (2001)
as Axiopolis Cernavodă
GroundIdeal / Trust
Capacity721 / 5,000 (100 seated)
OwnerCernavodă Town
ChairmanGheorghe Stănculescu
ManagerPetre Grigoraș
LeagueLiga IV
2021–22Liga IV, Constanța County, 7th

Axipolis was originally founded in 1927, under the name of Mercur Cernavodă and played its first home ground match in 1930. After the end of World War II the club was re-founded as Dunărea Cernavodă and for the next approx. 20 years played mostly at county and regional level under various names, such as Ideal Cernavodă, Progresul Cernavodă, Constructorul Cernavodă or Dunărea Cernavodă. Dunărea promoted for the second time in the third tier in 1974, and remained at that level until 1984, when it relegated back. In this period, the team based in Cernavodă obtained its best ranking, a 3rd place at the end of the 1979–80 season. Renamed as Șoimii Cernavodă in 1976, the team remained at county level for the next 21 years, in 2005 promoting again, this time under the name of Axiopolis Cernavodă. Axiopolis relegated back after only one season and promoted again only 10 years later, now running its second best period in the history of the club.


Axiopolis Cernavodă was originally founded in 1927, under the name of Mercur Cernavodă.[1] In 1930, Mercur played its first home match (and the first football match in the history of Cernavodă), a 6–0 victory against the team of Medgidia.[2]

After the end of World War II, in 1949, Mercur was re-founded under the name of Dunărea Cernavodă.[2] For the next 18 years (between 1950 and 1968) Dunărea played in the county and regional championships (also under names such as Progresul Cernavodă or Constructorul Cernavodă), finally promoting to Divizia C at the end of the 1967–68 season, but this time under the name of Ideal Cernavodă.[1] The squad that obtained this performance was composed of the following players: Marinciu, Goagă, Ardeleanu, Pisică, Hristu, Badea, Coroiu, Gora, Izet, Bușteanu, Marinescu, Conete, Gropoșilă, Catrina, Iulian, Constantinescu, Valerică, Vlădăreanu, Poenaru, Ghelase and Cozma.[1] The miracle lasted only for one season, in 1969 Ideal was relegated back to county championship, after a bad ranking, 15th out of 16.[3] Until 1974, Ideal played only at the level of Divizia D, a period in which it lost the promotion to the detriment of teams such as Victoria Medgidia, Șantierul Naval Constanța, Știința Constanța or Voința Constanța.

In 1974, cernăvodenii promoted back to Divizia C, again under the name of Dunărea Cernavodă. This promotion was followed by the most fruitful period in the history of football from Cernavodă, Dunărea (then renamed since 1976 as Șoimii Cernavodă) playing for 11 consecutive seasons at the level of the third tier.[1] The first six seasons were very good for "the Team near the Danube", which was ranked as follows: 8th out of 16 (1974–75 and 1976–77), 9th out of 16 (1975–76 and 1977–78), 5th out of 16 (1978–79) and 3rd out of 16 (1979–80).[3] The 3rd place obtained at the end of the 1979–80 was the best ranking in the history of the club, then Șoimii fell in the last part of the league table, finishing 14th out of 16 (1980–81), 15th out of 16 (1981–82), 13th out of 16 (1982–83) and 16th out of 16 (1983–84), this last ranking also brought the relegation to Divizia D, level where "the yellow and blues" remained for the next 21 years.[3]

In 2001, Șoimii Cernavodă was renamed as Axiopolis Cernavodă, then at the end of the 2004–05 season, the team based in Cernavodă promoted back to Divizia C, but the joy was short-lived one, similar to the 1968 promotion, the team relegated back after only one season, after it was ranked last in its series (14th out of 14).[4] Ten years later, Axiopolis won Liga IV Constanța and the promotion play-off against Venus Independeța (Liga IV Călărași winners), thus promoting back to Liga III.

Since the 2016 promotion, Axiopolis is still running the second best period in the history of the club, now reaching its fifth consecutive season in the third tier, also obtaining at the end of the 2017–18 season the second best ranking in the history of "the yellow and blues", 4th place (out of 14).


Axiopolis Cernavodă plays its home matches on Ideal Stadium in Cernavodă, Constanța County, with a capacity of 721 seats. "The Hawks" also plays some of their matches on Trust Stadium in Cernavodă, Constanța County, with a capacity of 5,000 people (100 on seats). First football match played on Trust ground was in 1930, a match between local team, Mercur Cernavodă, and a team from Medgidia, match ended with the victory of Mercur, 6–0.[2]





First team squadEdit

As of 6 September 2022

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
GK   ROU Radu Mirică
GK   ROU Florin Olah
GK   ROU Sabin Stănciulescu
DF   ROU Gheorghe Andreescu
DF   ROU Constantin Bumbac
DF   ROU Iulian Carabela
DF   ROU George Rusu
DF   ROU Alexandru Sabangeanu
DF   ROU Vlad Suciu
MF   ROU Andrei Apostolache
MF   ROU Răzvan Bilan
No. Pos. Nation Player
MF   ROU Vasile Carabuz
MF   ROU Florin Dane
MF   ROU Marius Fotescu
MF   ROU Alexandru Moise (Captain)
MF   ROU Florin Pîrîu
MF   ROU Eduard Răducanu
MF   ROU Leonard Rotar
FW   ROU Sasha Agiveli
FW   ROU Gile Dumitru
FW   ROU Alexandru Grigoraș
FW   ROU Dănuț Petrescu

Club OfficialsEdit

Chronology of namesEdit

Name Period
Mercur Cernavodă 1927–1949
Dunărea Cernavodă 1949–1960
Progresul Cernavodă 1960–1964
Constructorul Cernavodă 1964–1966
Ideal Cernavodă 1966–1970
Dunărea Cernavodă 1970–1976
Șoimii Cernavodă 1976–2001
Axiopolis Cernavodă 2001–2010
CS Cernavodă 2010–2013
Axiopolis Cernavodă 2013–present

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