Bundoora is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 15 km (9.3 mi) north-east of Melbourne's Central Business District,[2] located within the Cities of Banyule, Darebin and Whittlesea local government areas. Bundoora recorded a population of 28,068 at the 2021 census.[1]

Aerial view of Bundoora, 2017
Bundoora is located in Melbourne
Location in metropolitan Melbourne
Coordinates37°41′42″S 145°03′50″E / 37.695°S 145.064°E / -37.695; 145.064
Population28,068 (2021 census)[1]
 • Density1,870/km2 (4,850/sq mi)
Area15 km2 (5.8 sq mi)
Location15 km (9 mi) NE of Melbourne
State electorate(s)Bundoora
Federal division(s)
Suburbs around Bundoora:
Lalor Mill Park Greensborough
Bundoora Watsonia
Watsonia North
Kingsbury Heidelberg West Macleod

Bundoora is the headquarters of La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) also has a campus situated in Bundoora.

History edit

The Bundoora area was originally inhabited by the Kurnaj-berring tribe of the Wurundjeri clan. Prior to European settlement, there were several large wetlands that were utilised by members of the Kurnaj-berring tribe.[3]

Bundoora Farm and Cafe from above, June 2023

Europeans first arrived in the Bundoora area, known at the time as the Parish of Keelbundora, in 1835. The land for surveyed in 1837 by William Wedge-Drake, to allow for the sale of land. The land has previously been owned by members of the Port Phillip Association, such as John Batman, who grazed their sheep there without regard for the Wurundjeri clan. The land was subsequently auctioned in Melbourne in 1838, with Bundoora being sectioned off into two areas of approximately 400 hectares. The land was purchased by well-off individuals and land speculators, who resold the land within a few months, this time in blocks of 40 to 120 hectares (100 to 300 acres). It was primarily used for sheep grazing and grain production.[3]

Bundoora Post Office opened on 1 October 1863.[4]

In 1899, John Matthew Vincent Smith, a well known horse breeder, purchased a 242-hectare (600-acre) property known as "Bundoora Park". The property was used to raise racing horses. A competition was held in the same year to design a homestead for the property. Sydney Herbert Wilson, who designed the Malvern Town Hall, claimed the prize of 50 pounds. The Bundoora Homestead[5] remains a significant example of Queen Anne style Federation architecture.[6]

The Floridia Cheese Company was formed in 1955 by the Montalto family, after purchasing a small factory in Bundoora.[7]

Geography edit

Aerial panorama of Bundoora from above, facing the Melbourne skyline, June 2023
Bundoora aerial panorama facing the Great Dividing Range. March 2024.
Bundoora aerial panorama facing the Melbourne skyline. March 2024.

Bundoora is a very large suburb, spanning from Preston in its south-west, up to Plenty in the north-east, and covering three local government areas. Bundoora is home to Mount Cooper, located within Bundoora Park, a large (180ha) public park, and is often claimed to be Metropolitan Melbourne's highest point.

Bundoora is situated on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people, and the name "Bundoora" is derived from "Kelbundoora", the name of a 19th-century Wurundjeri man.[8]

Demographics edit

In the 2016 census, there were 28,653 people in Bundoora.

  • The most common ancestries in Bundoora were English 14.8%, Australian 14.2%, Chinese 12.4%, Italian 9.6% and Irish 5.5%.
  • 54.3% of people were born in Australia. The next most common countries of birth were China 10.2%, India 3.4%, Italy 2.3%, Greece 2.0% and Sri Lanka 1.9%.
  • 50.2% of people spoke only English at home. Other languages spoken at home included Mandarin 11.0%, Italian 4.1%, Greek 3.7%, Macedonian 3.3% and Arabic 3.1%.
  • The most common responses for religion were Catholic 27.1%, No Religion 27.0% and Eastern Orthodox 9.3%.[9]

Local sites edit

Historic Bundoora Homestead and Art Gallery
  • Big Daddys, a well-known pizza establishment, originated in Bundoora, and was the protagonist in the Melbourne $5 Pizza Wars of the early 2000s.[citation needed] It has now been bought-out by the Pizza franchise Domino's.
  • Although, technically in Thomastown, the Bundoora All-Weather Market was until recently a major Melbourne market. This market has been demolished and replaced by a homemaker centre.
  • Greensborough Lanes is a bowling alley that, despite its name, is located in Bundoora.
  • University Hill is a business park home to the Australian Headquarters of Continental AG, NOVA iT GROUP and Bundoora BMW with many others, and a Hotel to serve visitors to the area.
  • Uni Hill Factory Outlets, a DFO-style discount shopping mall, was opened at University Hill in November 2008. It was originally known as Brand Junction.[citation needed]

Education edit

Health Sciences Building, La Trobe University
La Trobe University Bundoora Campus aerial panorama, facing south towards the city skyline, September 2023
  • La Trobe University, established in 1964, is Victoria's third university, with Bundoora being the location of its flagship campus.
  • RMIT University's Bundoora West Campus is located at the terminus of the tramline. Further down the road is the East Campus area, home of RMIT's Wind Tunnel.[10] It is also home of the RMIT University Sports Statistics Research Group.
  • Bundoora Secondary College is a coeducational public secondary school.
  • Parade College is a Catholic independent secondary school for boys .
  • Loyola College is a Catholic independent secondary school in the Ignatian tradition, bordering Bundoora and Watsonia.
  • The Concord School, for students with additional learning needs.
  • Northside Christian College
  • Norris Bank Primary School
  • Bundoora Primary School is Victorian school no.1915, currently located at Balmoral Avenue, Bundoora.[11][12] The original school was built in 1877 and located at 222 Plenty Road, Bundoora.[13] This building is now the home of Nino Child Care Centre.[14]
  • St Damian's Catholic Primary School

Healthcare edit

  • Northpark Private Hospital
  • Bundoora Extended Care Centre, part of the Northern Health Network. A sub acute hospital providing medical care for over 100 inpatients and community outpatients.
  • La Trobe Private Hospital

Transport edit

Bus edit

Fifteen bus routes service Bundoora:

Cycling edit

The Western Ring Road Trail and Darebin Creek Trail provides facilities for recreational and commuting cyclists.

Train edit

The nearest railway stations to Bundoora are Macleod and Watsonia, on the Hurstbridge line, and South Morang, Thomastown, Keon Park and Reservoir, on the Mernda line.

Tram edit

Bundoora is the terminus of tram route  , which operates from McKimmies Road near RMIT University, to Waterfront City in Docklands.[30] The line was extended from Tyler Street in Preston to the intersection of Plenty Road, Dunne Street and Kingsbury Drive in 1983, extended to Settlement Road in 1987 and extended to McKimmies Road in 1995.[31] The last W2 class tram ran along this route in mid-1987.

Sport edit

Facilities edit

Nearby libraries include Watsonia Library, Diamond Valley Library and Mill Park Library, which are operated by Yarra Plenty Regional Library.

Notable residents edit

Books on Bundoora edit

Kenna, Len In the Beginning there was only the land Bundoora, Vic. Lions Club of Bundoora, 1988 ISBN 0731623177

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References edit

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