Bula, Indonesia

Bula is a small town and kecamatan on the northeastern coast of the Indonesian island of Seram.[2] It is the capital of the East Seram Regency. According to the 2010 census, the district had a population of 24,037 people, but it has subsequently been split into three separate districts, with the reduced Bula district having a population of 15,812 at 2014.[3] In the vicinity are the Bula Fields, with notable oil reserves, which were established in 1919.[4][5] A number of people in the district speak the Masiwang language.[6]

Kecamatan and town
Bula is located in Seram Island
Location in Seram Island
Coordinates: 3°6′11″S 130°29′28″E / 3.10306°S 130.49111°E / -3.10306; 130.49111Coordinates: 3°6′11″S 130°29′28″E / 3.10306°S 130.49111°E / -3.10306; 130.49111
RegencyEast Seram
 • Total15,812
Time zoneUTC+9 (WITA)


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