The Broye (French: [bʁwa] (listen); Arpitan: Brouye[1] [bʁuj(ə)] (listen)) is a 68 km long river, in the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud, in Switzerland. It has a watershed area of 850 km².

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The Broye in Salavaux.
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Native nameLa Broye (French)
Physical characteristics
 • locationSemsales (FR)
MouthLake Neuchâtel
 • coordinates
46°58′49″N 7°02′11″E / 46.9803°N 7.0365°E / 46.9803; 7.0365Coordinates: 46°58′49″N 7°02′11″E / 46.9803°N 7.0365°E / 46.9803; 7.0365
Length68 km (42 mi)
Basin size850 km2 (330 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionLake NeuchâtelThielleLake BielAareRhineNorth Sea


Its source is located in Semsales, in the Fribourgeois/Vaudois Prealps, south-west of Bulle. It flows first south-west along the Fribourgeois/Vaudois Prealps and turns north after 10 km. The direction of the river changes again near Moudon to the north-east. From Payerne, the Broye is running in a large and agricultural valley. The river flows into Lake Morat first, and then into Lake Neuchâtel through the Broye canal (French: Canal de la Broye).

List of TributariesEdit

  • The Petite Glâne
  • The Bressonne
  • The Lembe
  • The Arbogne


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