Brico Dépôt (French pronunciation: ​[bʁiko depo]) is a French chain of DIY and home improvement, headquartered in Longpont-sur-Orge.[2] The chain was created in 1993 by Castorama Dubois Investment and later purchased by the British group Kingfisher which operates 123 stores in France, 34 in Romania, 28 in Spain and 3 in Portugal. [3]

Brico Dépôt
Private (subsidiary of Kingfisher plc)
HeadquartersLongpont-sur-Orge, France
Home improvement tools
Revenue£2,026 million (2018/2019) (France)
Number of employees
7,390 (France) [1]
ParentKingfisher Edit this on Wikidata

Brico Dépôt has a low-cost warehouse format which sells a limited line of around 10,000 products in large quantities. [3] In Romania it dropped warehouse format in 2016.

In 2014, the first 15 stores opened in Romania after the acquisition of the Bricostore chain by Kingfisher, followed by the acquisition of Praktiker Romania in 2018, bringing the number of stores to 34. [4]

Brico Dépôt brand is used, since 2006, by Kingfisher's Castorama in Poland for 2 stores, other 4 stores were rebranded and 1 closed.

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