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The Brăila Bridge is a road suspension bridge in Romania, under construction over the Danube river, between Brăila, a major city in the east of Romania, and the opposite bank of the river in Tulcea County. It will be the first bridge over the maritime Danube sector, and the fourth bridge over the Romanian section of the river. The bridge will improve road traffic accessibility of the Galați-Brăila area to Constanța and Tulcea, and connections between Moldavia and Dobruja regions.

Brăila Bridge
Braila-Galati bridge and beltway.svg
Coordinates45°18′52″N 28°00′12″E / 45.31452°N 28.00337°E / 45.31452; 28.00337Coordinates: 45°18′52″N 28°00′12″E / 45.31452°N 28.00337°E / 45.31452; 28.00337
CarriesFour lanes of roadway, two combined bicycle path/pedestrian walkways
LocaleBetween Brăila, Brăila County and Jijila, Tulcea County
Official nameSuspended Bridge over the Danube in Brăila Area
DesignSuspension bridge
Total length2,194.3 m (7,199 ft)
Width31.7 m (104 ft)
Height192 m (630 ft) (towers)
Longest span1,120 m (3,670 ft)
Clearance below38 metres (125 ft) (at maximum high water)
Constructed byAstaldi and IHI Infrastructure Systems
Construction start2018
Construction end2022 (planned)



The project consists of the construction of a suspension bridge of 1,974.30 m (6,477.4 ft) length (with a 1,120 m (3,670 ft) main span, and two side spans of 489.65 m (1,606.5 ft) long on the Brăila bank of the river and 364.65 m (1,196.4 ft) long on the Tulcea bank of the river), two access viaducts of 110 m (360 ft) length on both sides (which will add to the length of the suspended bridge), and a connecting road with a total length of approximately 23 km (14 mi).[1] The entire project is being built by the Astaldi and IHI Infrastructure Systems association, at an estimated cost of 433 million.[2][3]

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