Bouenza Department

Bouenza (can also be written as Buenza[2]) is a department of the Republic of the Congo in the southern part of the country. It borders the departments of Lékoumou, Niari, and Pool, and internationally, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The regional capital is Madingou. Towns and cities include Loudima, Mouyondzi, Loutété and Nkayi.

Bouenza, department of the Republic of the Congo
Bouenza, department of the Republic of the Congo
CountryRepublic of the Congo
 • Total12,265 km2 (4,736 sq mi)
 (2007 census)
 • Total309,073
 • Density25/km2 (65/sq mi)
HDI (2018)0.530[1]
low · 6th of 12

Administrative divisionsEdit

Bouenza Department is divided into one commune and ten districts:


  1. Madingou District
  2. Mouyondzi District
  3. Boko-Songho District
  4. Mfouati District
  5. Loudima District
  6. Kayes District
  7. Kingoué District
    • Part of the former Mouyondzi District[3]
  8. Mabombo District
    • Part of the former Madingou/Mouyondzi Districts (?)[3]
  9. Tsiaki District
    • Part of the former Mouyondzi District[3]
  10. Yamba District
    • Part of the former Mouyondzi District[3]


  1. Nkayi Commune
  2. Madingou Commune[4]


The population is 309,073 in 2007, and the area is 12,265.4 km².[5]

Industry and agricultureEdit

Bouenza has some industry and cash crops. Among the principal activities are a cement factory in Loutété, sugar cane plantations in Nkayi, and there are reserves of copper, lead and zinc. Hydroelectric power is provided by the Moukoukoulou Dam built in Mindouli. Farming includes bananas, palm oil, groundnuts, tobacco and beans.[1]

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Coordinates: 04°09′13″S 13°33′00″E / 4.15361°S 13.55000°E / -4.15361; 13.55000