Departments of the Republic of the Congo

The Republic of the Congo is divided into twelve departments (départements, singular département). These departments replaced former regions (régions, singular région) in 2002:[1]

Departments of the Republic of the Congo
Départements de la République du Congo (French)
Sangha Department (Congo)Plateaux Department (Congo)Lékoumou DepartmentLékoumou DepartmentPointe-Noire DepartmentPointe-Noire DepartmentKouilou DepartmentBouenza DepartmentBrazzaville DepartmentBrazzaville DepartmentPool DepartmentNiari DepartmentLikouala DepartmentCuvette DepartmentCuvette-Ouest DepartmentCuvette-Ouest DepartmentA clickable map of the Republic of the Congo exhibiting its twelve departments.
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CategoryUnitary State
LocationRepublic of the Congo
Number12 Departments
Populations72,999 (Cuvette-Ouest) – 1,373,382 (Brazzaville)
Areas1,140 km2 (442 sq mi) (Pointe-Noire) – 66,000 km2 (25,500 sq mi) (Likouala)
  • Department government

These regions are subdivided into 86 districts and 7 communes; which are further subdivided into urban communities (communautés urbaines) and rural communities (communautés rurales); which are further subdivided into quarters or neighborhoods (quartiers) and villages.

Department Capital Population
(2007 census)
(km2) [2]
Kouilou Hinda 91,955 13,650 South
Niari Dolisie 231,271 25,942 South
Lékoumou Sibiti 96,393 20,950 South
Bouenza Madingou 309,063 12,265 South
Pool Kinkala 236,595 33,955 South
Plateaux Djambala 174,591 38,400 North
Cuvette Owando 156,044 48,250 North
Cuvette-Ouest Ewo 72,999 26,600 North
Sangha Ouesso 85,738 55,800 North
Likouala Impfondo 154,155 66,044 North
Brazzaville 1,373,382 100 South
Pointe-Noire 715,335 44 South

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