Kouilou Department

Kouilou (Kongo: Kwilu, Kuilu [2][3]) is a department of the Republic of the Congo. Covering the country's coastline, it has an area of 13,650 square kilometres and at the start of 2007 it was home to about 91,955 people. The department borders Niari Department, the commune of Pointe-Noire, and internationally, Gabon and the Cabinda area of Angola. The regional capital was Hinda. Principal cities and towns include Madingo-Kayes and Mvouti.

Kwilu or Kuilu
Kouilou, department of the Republic of the Congo
Kouilou, department of the Republic of the Congo
CountryRepublic of the Congo
 • Total13,650 km2 (5,270 sq mi)
 (2007 census)
 • Total91,955
 • Density6.7/km2 (17/sq mi)
HDI (2018)0.499[1]
low · 11th of 12
Districts of Kouilou

Since 2002 the town of Loango has been the capital of the Kouilou region.[4]

Kouilou is also the name of a river, the Kouilou-Niari River.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Kouilou Department is divided into six districts:[5]


  1. Hinda District
  2. Madingo-Kayes District
  3. Mvouti District
  4. Kakamoeka District
  5. Nzambi District
  6. Tchiamba-Nzassi District

Villages and townsEdit


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