Boucles de la Mayenne

The Boucles de la Mayenne is a road bicycle race held annually in the Mayenne department and Pays de la Loire region in France. It was first held in 1975 and since 2006 it has been organised as a 2.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour. The race will become part of the new UCI ProSeries in 2020.

Boucles de la Mayenne
RegionMayenne, Pays de la Loire
English nameBends of the Mayenne (river)
Local name(s)Boucles de la Mayenne (in French)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
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First edition1975 (1975)
Editions45 (as of 2019)
First winner Alain Meslet (FRA)
Most wins Serge Coquelin (FRA) (3 wins)
Most recent Thibault Ferasse (FRA)


Year Country Rider Team
1975   France Alain Meslet
1976   France Patrice Testier
1977   France Patrick Guay
1978   France Marc Gomez
1979   France Marc Madiot
1980   France Serge Coquelin
1981   France René Tremblay
1982   France Serge Coquelin
1983   France Hubert Graignic
1984   France Serge Coquelin
1985   France Zbigniew Krasniak
1986   France Gaëtan Leray
1987   France Philippe Dalibard
1988   France Laurent Bezault
1989   France Philippe Dalibard
1990   France Jean-Cyril Robin
1991   France Pascal Basset
1992   France Pascal Hervé
1993   France David Derique
1994   France Gérald Bigot
1995   France Stéphane Conan
1996   France David Delrieu
1997   France Christophe Thébault
1998   France Martial Locatelli
1999   France Stéphane Petilleau
2000   France Stéphane Petilleau
2001   France Arnaud Chauveau
2002   France Freddy Bichot Française des Jeux
2003    Switzerland Sandro Güttinger
2004   France Sébastien Duret
2005   Belarus Aleksandr Kuschynski Amore & Vita–Beretta
2006   Japan Koji Fukushima Cycle Racing Team Vang
2007   France Nicolas Vogondy Agritubel
2008   France Freddy Bichot Agritubel
2009   Estonia Janek Tombak Cycling Club Burgas
2010   France Jérémie Galland Saur–Sojasun
2011   France Jimmy Casper Saur–Sojasun
2012   France Laurent Pichon Bretagne–Schuller
2013   Canada David Veilleux Team Europcar
2014   France Stéphane Rossetto BigMat–Auber 93
2015   France Anthony Turgis Cofidis
2016   France Bryan Coquard Direct Énergie
2017   Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel Beobank–Corendon
2018   Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel Corendon–Circus
2019   France Thibault Ferasse Natura4Ever–Roubaix–Lille Métropole

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