The UCI ProSeries is the second tier men's elite road cycling tour. It was inaugurated in 2020. The series is placed below the UCI World Tour, but above the various regional UCI Continental Circuits.

UCI ProSeries
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2024 UCI ProSeries
SportRoad bicycle racing
CountryEurope, Asia, Argentina and United States



In December 2018, the UCI announced various reforms to the structure and organisation of men's professional road racing.[1] One of the major changes is the introduction of a new division of races called the UCI ProSeries. With the introduction of the ProSeries, the UCI .HC road races disappeared from the calendar. In October 2019, the UCI published the 2020 UCI International Road Calendar, including the ProSeries.[2] The inaugural season of the ProSeries was planned to include 57 events, which were formerly World Tour, .HC or .1 events, but many were cancelled due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic of 2020–21.

Team participation


In events of the ProSeries, UCI WorldTeams may participate, up to a maximum of 70% in European races and 65% in other races. The rest of the teams participating may be UCI ProTeams, UCI Continental teams, or National teams.[3]



The inaugural UCI ProSeries calendar consisted of 57 events, of which 30 were one-day races (1.Pro) and 27 were stage races (2.Pro). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple events were cancelled, postponed or introduced in both 2020 and 2021 and the ProSeries calendar has been revised several times. The calendar features events in 19 countries on 4 continents: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and United States.

Winners by race

Year 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
  Vuelta a San Juan   Evenepoel (1/11) Cancelled   MÁ López (2/2) Not on calendar
  Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana   Pogačar (1/5)   Küng   Vlasov (2/2)   Costa (1/2)   McNulty (2/3)
  Figueira Champions Classic Not on calendar Part of UCI Europe Tour   Evenepoel (10/11)
  Clásica de Almería   Ackermann (1/2)   Nizzolo (1/2)   Kristoff (1/3)   Moschetti   Kooij (4/4)
  Tour of Oman Cancelled   Hirt   Jorgenson   A Yates (2/2)
  Tour de la Provence   Quintana (1/2)   Sosa (1/2)   Quintana (2/2) Cancelled Part of UCI Europe Tour
  Volta ao Algarve   Evenepoel (2/11)   Rodrigues   Evenepoel (8/11)   D Martínez (2/2)   Evenepoel (11/11)
  Vuelta a Andalucía   Fuglsang   MÁ López (1/2)   Poels   Pogačar (5/5) No winner
  Faun-Ardèche Classic   Cavagna   Gaudu   McNulty (1/3)   Alaphilippe (2/2)   Ayuso
  Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne   Asgreen   M Pedersen (1/2)   Jakobsen (2/2)   Benoot   van Aert (4/4)
  Drôme Classic   Clarke   Bagioli (1/2)   Vingegaard   Perez   Hirschi (4/4)
  Trofeo Laigueglia   Ciccone   Mollema   Polanc   Peters   L Martinez (2/2)
  Nokere Koerse Cancelled   Robeet   Merlier (3/7)   Merlier (4/7)   Merlier (6/7)
  Milano–Torino   Démare (1/6)   Roglič (2/4)   Cavendish (2/2)   de Kleijn   Bettiol (1/2)
  GP de Denain Cancelled   Philipsen (2/3)   Walscheid   Molano   Steimle
  Bredene Koksijde Classic Cancelled   Merlier (2/7)   Ackermann (2/2)   Thijssen   Mozzato
  GP Miguel Induráin Cancelled   Valverde   Barguil   I Izagirre   McNulty (3/3)
  Scheldeprijs   Ewan (1/2)   Philipsen (1/3)   Kristoff (2/3)   Philipsen (3/3)   Merlier (7/7)
  Brabantse Pijl   Alaphilippe (1/2)   Pidcock   Sheffield   Godon (1/2)   Cosnefroy (1/2)
  Tour of the Alps Cancelled   S Yates   Bardet   Geoghegan Hart   JP López
  Presidential Tour of Turkey Cancelled   Díaz   Bevin Part of UCI Europe Tour   van den Broek
  GP du Morbihan Cancelled   Marit   Simon   De Lie (1/3)   Cosnefroy (2/2)
  Tro-Bro Léon Cancelled   Swift   Hofstetter   Nizzolo (2/2)   De Lie (3/3)
  Tour de Hongrie Part of UCI Europe Tour   Hirschi (1/4)   Nys
  4 Jours de Dunkerque Cancelled   Gilbert   Grégoire   S Bennett
  Tour of Norway Cancelled   Hayter   Evenepoel (9/11)   Tulett   Laurance
  Boucles de la Mayenne Cancelled   Démare (3/6)   Thomas   Lazkano   Bettiol (2/2)
  Circuit Franco-Belge Cancelled   Jakobsen (1/2)   Kristoff (3/3)   De Lie (2/3)   Girmay
  Brussels Cycling Classic   Merlier (1/7)   Evenepoel (6/11)   van der Hoorn   Démare (6/6)   Abrahamsen
  ZLM Tour Cancelled   Kooij (1/4)   Kooij (3/4) Part of UCI Europe Tour
  Dwars door het Hageland   Rickaert   Tiller (1/2)   Riesebeek   Tiller (2/2)   Vermeersch
  Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge Part of UCI Europe Tour   L Martinez (1/2) Not on calendar
  Baloise Belgium Tour Cancelled   Evenepoel (4/11)   Schmid   van der Poel (2/3)   Wærenskjold
  Tour of Slovenia Cancelled   Pogačar (2/5)   Pogačar (3/5)   Zana   Aleotti
  Tour of Qinghai Lake Part of UCI Asia Tour   Mulubrhan
  Tour de Wallonie   Démare (2/6)   Simmons   Stannard   Ganna
  Vuelta a Burgos   Evenepoel (3/11)   Landa   Sivakov   Roglič (3/4)
  Arctic Race of Norway Cancelled   Hermans   Leknessund   Williams
  Danmark Rundt Cancelled   Evenepoel (5/11)   Laporte (2/2)   M Pedersen (2/2)
  Gran Trittico Lombardo   G Izagirre Not on calendar
  Deutschland Tour Cancelled   Politt   A Yates (1/2)   Van Wilder (1/2)
  Maryland Cycling Classic Cancelled   Vanmarcke   Skjelmose (2/2) Cancelled
  Tour of Britain Cancelled   van Aert (1/4)   Serrano (1/2)   van Aert (2/4)
  GP de Fourmies Cancelled   Viviani   Ewan (2/2)   Merlier (5/7)
  GP Industria & Artigianato Cancelled   Vansevenant   Ulissi (2/2)   Healy
  GP de Wallonie Cancelled   Laporte (1/2)   van der Poel (1/3)   Serrano (2/2)
  Coppa Sabatini   Smith   Valgren   D Martínez (1/2)   Hirschi (2/4)
  Primus Classic Cancelled   Sénéchal   Meeus   van der Poel (3/3)
  Tour de Luxembourg   Ulissi (1/2)   Almeida   Skjelmose (1/2)   Hirschi (3/4)
  Münsterland Giro Cancelled   Cavendish (1/2)   Kooij (2/4)   Hagenes
  Tour de Langkawi   Celano Cancelled   Sosa (2/2)   Carr
  Giro dell'Emilia   Vlasov (1/2)   Roglič (1/4)   Mas   Roglič (4/4)
  Paris–Tours   C Pedersen   Démare (4/6)   Démare (5/6)   Sheehan
  Coppa Bernocchi Cancelled   Evenepoel (7/11)   Ballerini   van Aert (3/4)
  Tre Valli Varesine Cancelled   De Marchi   Pogačar (4/5)   Van Wilder (2/2)
  Tour of Hainan Not on calendar   Sevilla Not on calendar
  Gran Piemonte   G Bennett   Walls   García Cortina   Bagioli (2/2)
  Giro del Veneto Not on calendar Part of UCI Europe Tour   Godon (2/2)
  Tour of Taihu Lake Not on calendar   Jackson
  Japan Cup Cancelled   Powless   Costa (2/2)
  Veneto Classic Not on calendar Part of UCI Europe Tour   Formolo

Most race wins

Rank Cyclist Wins
1.   Remco Evenepoel 11
2.   Tim Merlier 7
3.   Arnaud Démare 6
4.   Tadej Pogačar 5
5.   Marc Hirschi 4
  Olav Kooij
  Primož Roglič
  Wout van Aert
9.   Arnaud De Lie 3
  Alexander Kristoff
  Brandon McNulty
  Jasper Philipsen
  Mathieu van der Poel

Race wins by country

Rank Nation Wins Riders
1.   Belgium 42 Evenepoel (11), Merlier (7), van Aert (4), De Lie (3), Philipsen (3), Van Wilder (2), Benoot, Gilbert, Hermans, Marit, Meeus, Nys, Rickaert, Robeet, Thijssen, Vanmarcke, Vansevenant, Vermeersch
2.   France 29 Démare (6), Alaphilippe (2), Cosnefroy (2), Godon (2), Laporte (2), L Martinez (2), Bardet, Barguil, Cavagna, Gaudu, Grégoire, Hofstetter, Laurance, Perez, Peters, Sénéchal, Simon, Sivakov, Thomas
3.   Italy 19 Bagioli (2), Bettiol (2), Nizzolo (2), Ulissi (2), Aleotti, Ballerini, Celano, Ciccone, De Marchi, Formolo, Ganna, Moschetti, Mozzato, Viviani, Zana
4.   Netherlands 15 Kooij (4), van der Poel (3), Jakobsen (2), de Kleijn, Mollema, Poels, Riesebeek, van den Broek, van der Hoorn
5.   Great Britain 13 Cavendish (2), A Yates (2), Carr, Geoghegan Hart, Hayter, Pidcock, Swift, Tulett, Walls, Williams, S Yates
  Spain Serrano (2), Ayuso, Díaz, García Cortina, G Izagirre, I Izagirre, Landa, Lazkano, JP López, Mas, Sevilla, Valverde
7.   Slovenia 10 Pogačar (5), Roglič (4), Polanc
8.   Colombia 9 MÁ López (2), D Martínez (2), Quintana (2), Sosa (2), Molano
  Denmark M Pedersen (2), Skjelmose (2), Asgreen, Fuglsang, C Pedersen, Valgren, Vingegaard
  Norway Kristoff (3), Tiller (2), Abrahamsen, Hagenes, Leknessund, Wærenskjold
11.   United States 8 McNulty (3), Jorgenson, Powless, Sheehan, Sheffield, Simmons
12.   Switzerland 6 Hirschi (4), Küng, Schmid
13.   Germany 5 Ackermann (2), Politt, Steimle, Walscheid
14.   Australia 4 Ewan (2), Clarke, Stannard
  New Zealand G Bennett, Bevin, Jackson, Smith
  Portugal Costa (2), Almeida, Rodrigues
17.   Eritrea 2 Girmay, Mulubrhan
  Ireland S Bennett, Healy
  Russia Vlasov (2)
20.   Czech Republic 1 Hirt

Race wins by team


Teams in italics are no longer active.

Rank Team Wins Riders
1. Soudal–Quick-Step 32 Evenepoel (11), Merlier (4), Alaphilippe (2), Bagioli (2), Cavendish (2), Jakobsen (2), Van Wilder (2), Almeida, Asgreen, Ballerini, Cavagna, Schmid, Sénéchal, Vansevenant
2. UAE Team Emirates 20 Pogačar (5), Hirschi (4), McNulty (3), Ulissi (2), Ackermann, Ayuso, Formolo, Molano, Polanc, A Yates
3. Visma–Lease a Bike 17 Kooij (4), Roglič (4), van Aert (4), G Bennett, Benoot, Hagenes, Laporte, Vingegaard
4. Alpecin–Deceuninck 14 Merlier (3), Philipsen (3), van der Poel (3), Laurance, Rickaert, Riesebeek, Stannard, Vermeersch
5. Groupama–FDJ 11 Démare (6), L Martinez (2), Gaudu, Grégoire, Küng
Ineos Grenadiers D Martínez (2), Ganna, Geoghegan Hart, Hayter, Pidcock, Sheffield, Sivakov, Sosa, Tulett, A Yates
7. Intermarché–Wanty 9 Kristoff (3), Costa (2), Girmay, Hirt, Thijssen, van der Hoorn
Movistar Team Serrano (2), García Cortina, Jorgenson, Lazkano, MÁ López, Mas, Sosa, Valverde
9. Lidl–Trek 8 M Pedersen (2), Skjelmose (2), JP López, Mollema, Nys, Simmons
10. EF Education–EasyPost 7 Bettiol (2), Carr, Clarke, Healy, Powless, Valgren
Israel–Premier Tech Bevin, De Marchi, Hermans, Nizzolo, Sheehan, Vanmarcke, Williams
12. Arkéa–B&B Hotels 6 Quintana (2), Barguil, Hofstetter, Mozzato, Swift
Bora–Hansgrohe Ackermann, Aleotti, Meeus, Politt, Vlasov, Walls
Cofidis I Izagirre, Laporte, Perez, Thomas, Viviani, Walscheid
Decathlon–AG2R La Mondiale Cosnefroy (2), Godon (2), S Bennett, Peters
Lotto–Dstny De Lie (3), Ewan (2), Gilbert
17. Team dsm–firmenich PostNL 4 Bardet, Leknessund, C Pedersen, van den Broek
Uno-X Mobility Tiller (2), Abrahamsen, Wærenskjold
19. Astana Qazaqstan Team 3 Fuglsang, G Izagirre, Vlasov
Team Jayco–AlUla Smith, S Yates, Zana
21. Team Bahrain Victorious 2 Landa, Poels
Team Medellín MÁ López, Sevilla
Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team Moschetti, Steimle
24. Bingoal WB 1 Robeet
Bolton Equities Black Spoke Jackson
Delko Díaz
VF Group–Bardiani–CSF–Faizanè Mulubrhan
Italy (national team) Ciccone
Team Flanders–Baloise Marit
Team Qhubeka NextHash Nizzolo
Team Sapura Cycling Celano
Team TotalEnergies Simon
Tudor Pro Cycling Team de Kleijn
W52 / FC Porto Rodrigues


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