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Bonifacio Ferrero (1476–1543) was an Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal.


Bonifacio Ferrero was born in Biella in 1476, the son of Sebastiano Ferraro and Tomena Avogadro.[1] He was the younger brother of Cardinal Gianstefano Ferrero.[1]

On June 6, 1490, he was made a canon of the cathedral chapter of Vercelli Cathedral; on December 3, 1494, he became its provost.[1]

He was Bishop of Ivrea from his election on July 28, 1497 until November 5, 1509, when he resigned in favour of his brother Gianstefano.[1] On November 5, 1509, the day he resigned as Bishop of Ivrea, he was transferred to the see of Vercelli; he later resigned this office on September 17, 1511 in favor of his brother Agostino Ferrero.[1] At that time, he returned to the see of Ivrea, occupying this see until May 17, 1518, when he resigned in favor of his nephew, Filiberto Ferrero.[1]

From 1499 to 1519, Bishop Ferrero was also the Prior of San Pietro di Chambéry.[1] He was administrator of the see of Nice 1501-04.[1] In 1504, he beame prior of Santi Giovanni e Sebastiano di Benna, a post he held until 1542.[1] He was a participant in the Fifth Council of the Lateran.[1]

Pope Leo X made him a cardinal priest in the consistory of July 1, 1517.[1] He received the red hat and the titular church of Santi Nereo e Achilleo on July 6, 1517.[1]

He participated in both the papal conclave of 1521-22 that elected Pope Adrian VI, and in the papal conclave of 1523 that elected Pope Clement VII.[1]

He opted for the order of cardinal bishops on December 12, 1533, taking the suburbicarian see of Albano.[1] On September 5, 1534, he opted for the suburbicarian see of Palestrina.[1]

He participated in the papal conclave of 1534 that elected Pope Paul III.[1] The new pope named Cardinal Ferrero papal legate in Vicenza.[1]

He opted for the suburbicarian see of Sabina on February 26, 1535.[1] He was Prior of San Egidio di Verrès from 1535 on.[1] He was briefly administrator of Vercelli upon the death of his brother Agostino, from September 1 to December 20, 1536, at which time he resigned in favor of his nephew Pietro Ferrero.[1] He was dean of the Chapel of Santissima Sindone di Chambéry from June 4, 1537.[1]

On November 28, 1537, he opted for the suburbicarian see of Porto e Santa Rufina.[1] At this time, he became Sub-Dean of the College of Cardinals.[1] He was also provost of the chapter of the collegiate church of San Gervasio di Ginevra from 1537; provost of San Bernardo di Montjovet from 1537; and prior of San Pietro di Nantua from 1537.[1] In 1540, he was papal legate to Bologna.[1] He was also prior of San Stefano di Robbio until 1542.[1]

Cardinal Ferrero died in Rome on January 2, 1543.[1] He was buried in San Sebastiano fuori le mura.[1]