Bob Koherr is an American TV director and director and known for directing episodes of Anger Management and various Disney Network multi-cam comedies.

Bob Koherr
Robert Kohrherr
Occupation(s)Director, actor
Years active1986–present
SpouseWalter Batt (m. 2008)

In 1997, Koherr made his directorial debut with the feature film Plump Fiction, a parody film of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Since 2000, he has directed episodes of Anger Management, The Drew Carey Show, Wanda at Large, Still Standing, Freddie, George Lopez, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, The Suite Life on Deck, Cristela, the pilot for A.N.T. Farm, the pilot for The Thundermans, and the pilot for Jessie, as well as other series.[1]

As an actor, Koherr has guest starred in number of television series namely, Cybill, Party of Five, Nash Bridges, The Pretender, Malcolm in the Middle, Close to Home, Weeds, Seven Days and the feature films Poor White Trash, Parting Glances, Firehouse Dog and Race to Witch Mountain. He also co-starred in the Comedy Central series Strip Mall opposite Julie Brown.[1]

On September 23, 2008, he married Walter Batt, a Los Angeles-based entertainment attorney.



Year Title Role Notes
1986 Parting Glances Sam (was credited as Bob Kohrherr)
1992 Romeo & Julia Romeo
1997 Plump Fiction Grip
Perfect Target Mason (Straight to Video)
1998 The Outsider Rath (Science fiction TV movie)
1999 Eastside Paramedic
2000 Poor White Trash Jim Bronco
2001 Maniacts Bull
2005 Extreme Dating Large Man
2009 Race to Witch Mountain Marty


Year Title Role Notes
1993 Grace Under Fire Bailiff (TV Series), 1 episode: "Grace Under Oath"
1994 Dead at 21 (TV Series) Cop #1 (TV Series), 1 episode: "Shock the Monkey"
1995 Space: Above and Beyond Crazy Marine (TV Series), 1 episode: "The Enemy"
1996 Cybill Big Guy (TV Series), 1 episode: "Sex, Drugs and Catholicism"
1997 Alright Already Velmeer (TV Series), 1 episode: "Again with the Pilot"
Party of Five Police Officer (TV Series), 1 episode: "What a Drag"
Pacific Blue (Unnamed role) (TV Series), 1 episode: "Rave On"
Ned and Stacey Host (TV Series), 1 episode: "Fifteen A-Minutes"
1998 Five Houses (Unnamed role) (TV movie)
DiResta Spivak (TV Series), 1 episode: "Heavy Medal"
Inferno Bwanna (TV movie)
Brooklyn South Lloyd Rogers (TV Series), 1 episode: "Doggonit"
House Rules Clint (TV Series), 1 episode: "Sex and Violence"
1999 Nash Bridges Steve Pope (TV Series), 1 episode: "Pump Action"
2000 Seven Days Rhino (TV Series), 1 episode
V.I.P. Thelonius Brock (TV Series), 1 episode: "Hard Val's Night"
The Pretender Wyatt Frost (TV Series), 1 episode: "Cold Dick"
2000–01 Strip Mall Blunt / Blank / Blair (TV Series), 21 episodes
2001 Spy TV Various roles (TV Series), 1 episode: "Episode #1.4"
2004 NYPD Blue Drew (TV Series), 1 episode: "Great Balls of Ire"
2005 Malcolm in the Middle Mike (TV Series), 1 episode: "Malcolm's Car"
2006 The Time Tunnel Wix (TV movie)
2007 Weeds Bear (TV Series), 1 episode: "Doing the Backstroke"
George Lopez (TV Series) Carl (TV Series), 1 episode: "George Gets Smoking Mad at Benny and Develops an Órale Fixation"
Close to Home R. Scott Gemmill (TV Series), 1 episode: "Internet Bride"
2008 Raising the Bar George (TV Series), 1 episode: "Pilot"
Cold Case Carl Baxter (TV Series), 1 episode: "Sabotage"
2009 Zeke and Luther Rex (TV Series), 1 episode: "Luther Leads"
My Name Is Earl Marcus (TV Series), 1 episode: "Bullies"
2011 L.A. Noire Little Boy (Video Game voice role)

TV DirectorEdit

Year Title Notes
2000 Strip Mall (TV Series), 1 episode
2000–04 The Drew Carey Show (TV Series), 22 episodes
2001 Nikki (TV Series), 1 episode: "Gimme Shelter"
2003 Wanda at Large (TV Series), 6 episodes
2004 It's All Relative (TV Series), 2 episodes: "Our Sauce, It Is a Beauty" and "Who's Camping Now"
2004–05 Still Standing (TV Series), 3 episodes: "Still Cooking", "Still Going First" and "Still Aging"
Listen Up (TV Series), 7 episodes
2005 Stacked (TV Series), 1 episode: "Heavy Meddle"
2005–06 Freddie (TV Series), 6 episodes
2005–07 George Lopez (TV Series), 11 episodes
2006 Out of Practice (TV Series), 1 episode: "Restaurant Row"
According to Jim (TV Series), 2 episodes: "Polite Jim" and "Belaboring the Point"
Living with Fran (TV Series), 2 episodes: "Going Crazy with Fran" and "Dreaming with Fran"
2009 True Jackson, VP (TV Series), 2 episodes: "Keeping Tabs" and "The Wedding"
2009–10 Wizards of Waverly Place (TV Series), 19 episodes
2009–11 Hannah Montana (TV Series), 10 episodes
2010–11 The Suite Life on Deck (TV Series), 6 episodes
2010–14 Good Luck Charlie (TV Series), 52 episodes
2011–12 A.N.T. Farm (TV Series), 8 episodes
2011–15 Jessie (TV Series), 23 episodes
2012 Austin & Ally (TV Series), 1 episode: "Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star New Year: Part 1"
Happily Divorced (TV Series), 2 episodes: "Swimmers and Losers" and "Newman vs. Newman"
2012–14 Anger Management (TV Series), 55 episodes
2013 Dads (TV Series), 1 episode: "My Dad's Hotter Than Your Dad"
The Thundermans (TV Series), 1 episode: "Adventures in Supersitting"
Baby Daddy (TV Series), 1 episode: "New Bonnie vs. Old Ben"
2014 Friends with Better Lives (TV Series), 1 episode: "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
Mystery Girls (TV Series), 2 episodes: "High School Mystery" and "Death Rose"
Saint George (TV Series), 4 episodes
2015 I Didn't Do It (TV Series), 6 episodes
Cristela (TV Series), 1 episode: "Village Mode"
2015–21 Bunk'd (TV Series), 29 episodes
2016 Best Friends Whenever (TV Series), 1 episode: "Princess Problems", "Worst Night Whenever" and "Girl Code"
2017 Raven's Home (TV Series), 3 episodes: "Vending the Rules", "In-vision of Privacy" and "The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson"
2017–18 Bizaardvark (TV Series), 3 episodes: "First Day of School", "The Doctor Will See You Now" and "Her, Me, and Hermie"
2018 Art House (TV Series), 1 episode: "Pilot"
2018–19 The Conners (TV Series), 4 episodes
2019 Team Kaylie (TV Series), 5 episodes
No Good Nick (TV Series), 4 episodes
2020 Mr. Iglesias (TV Series), 1 episode: "Taming the Carlos"
The Big Show Show (TV Series), 2 episodes: "The Big Brain" and "The Big Process"
2023 Lopez vs Lopez (TV Series), 2 episodes: "Lopez vs Ghosts" and "Lopez Vs Van Bryan"


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