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Bisakol (portmanteau of Bisaya and Bikol) is an informal term for the three Bisayan languages spoken in the Bicol Region.

These languages include Sorsoganon, a group of Warayan speech varieties of Sorsogon, namely Central Sorsogon (Masbate Sorsogon) and Southern Sorsogon (Waray Sorsogon). The latter is spoken in seven municipalities in Southern Sorsogon, viz. Matnog, Gubat, Bulan, Irosin, Sta. Magdalena, Barcelona and Bulusan. Southern Sorsogon is closely related to the Waray spoken in Northern Samar.[1]

Masbateño of Masbate is closer to the languages of Panay, Capiznon and Hiligaynon. It retains Bicolano influence from its inclusion in the Bicol Region, both politically and geographically. Despite its name, Masbate Sorsogon is closer to Waray than to Masbatenyo, but this coast of Sorsogon Bay where Masbate Sorsogon is spoken has had a lot of contact with Masbate Island.

On the Ethnologue map of the region, Masbate Sorsogon is 82, Masbatenyo is 85 and Waray Sorsogon is 83.[2]


According to Zorc,[1] the Bisakol languages all classify under the Central Bisayan group.


other Bisayan

Central Bisayan



Northern Sorsoganon






Southern Sorsoganon


Northern Samar

Samar-Leyte (Central)

Waray (Southern)


The following examples are taken from McFarland,[3] in comparison with other Bikol area dialects as well as some Bisayan languages from Zorc.[1]


Minasbate N. Sor. S. Sor. Central Waray Hiligaynon Tagalog Pandan Legazpi Daraga Iriga
aku aku aku ako ako ako ako ako ako ako
ikaw ikaw ikaw ikaw ikaw ikaw ikaw ika ika ika
siya siya siya hiya siya siya siya siya sya iya
kita kita kita kita kita tayo kita kita kita kita
kami kami kami kami kami kami kami kami kami kami
kamu kamu kamu kamu kamu kayo kamu kamo kamo kamo
sinda sinda síra hira sila sila síla sinda sinda sira
ku ku ku nákon / ko nákon / ko ko ko ko ko ko
mu mu mu nímo / mo nímo / mo mo mo mo mo mo
níya níya níya níya níya niya níya niya nya nya
nátun nátun ta náton náton nátin náto' niato/ta ta ta
námun námun mi námon námon námin námo' niamo/mi mi namo
níyu níyu níyu níyo nínyo niyo ninyo nindo nindu niyo
ninda ninda níra níra níla nila níla ninda ninda nira


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