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Biedronka is the largest supermarket chain in Poland with 2,823 stores in 2017 [1] and 55,000 employees (2015).[2][3] It is owned by the Portuguese company Jerónimo Martins. The supermarket chain's name translates as "ladybug", with a cartoon ladybug as the company's logo.

Jerónimo Martins Polska, S.A.
Joint-stock company
FounderJerónimo Martins Group, Mariusz Świtalski
Headquartersul. Żniwna 5, Kostrzyn, Poland
Number of locations
2,823 (2017) [1]
Area served
Key people
Pedro de Castro Soares
ProductsDiscount store, supermarket
RevenueIncrease 11.2 billion (2017) [1]

Biedronka sells mainly local (Polish) products, many of which are manufactured under the company's own label. It is one of the most popular supermarket chains in Poland and is targeted at lower-income customers. It also sells some Portuguese-made products, mostly wine.[4]

Biedronka has had a dominant position in Poland's grocery retail market for more than a decade, and its main competitor in Poland is Lidl. [5]


Used Description Logo
1995-2001 The ladybug is on the left of the chain's name inside a yellow rectangle. Below it is a description of the store, Dyskont spożywczy (Discount grocery store).  
2001–2012 The ladybug is on top of a yellow oblong with an orange outline, roughly between the centre and the right. Inside the oblong, the chain's name is written at a slight slant. Below the oblong is a yellow rectangle with the chain's new and current slogan, Codziennie niskie ceny (Low prices everyday).
2012–present The ladybug is now on the left of the oblong, covering the left edge of it. It now has a red nose and an open mouth with a visible red tongue. The chain's name is no longer written at a slant. The yellow rectangle has been removed and the chain's slogan is inside the oblong. The current Biedronka logo has been in place since January 12, 2012.  



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